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III.2. Exercises for monitoring the level of formation of language skills

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The system should serve as the system of control because the main objects of control in the studying of a foreign language are appropriate skills and knowledge, and the steps of control should be accompanied by monitoring stages of skills.

We consider the control not only as the identification of learning outcomes, but above all as a teaching tool. Thus, as the purpose of education is learning, and control is integrally linked with training, the object of monitoring should be learning, the complex skills acquiring, handling certain amount of material in the speech.

The monitoring system is inextricably linked with exercise is a component of the system; therefore, control objects are identical objects in mastering every moment of learning. And the main objects of control can and should be language skills in speaking, listening, reading and writing based on authentic materials, securing knowledge and skills.

The monitoring helps to identify how running the process of formation of skills, which problems students and pupils are having, and to identify the effectiveness of teaching methods used by the teacher.

You should not only check the knowledge of words or ability to form grammatical forms and structures, but also the ability to perform actions or transactions with them, that is able to use them in the statement or get to know in the perception of small texts or group of sentences. You also need to put forward the following demands to the grammatical skills of speech:

1. a complete orientation on speech act, together with its pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar parties;

2. independent operation definition (a phrase that is controlled is not contained in the utterance) and expression (students did not get the sample of utterance);

3. the content of preconceived language (for example, by means of visual aids); [18]

Receptive stage of formation grammatical habits of speech can be controlled by means of written statements simultaneous translation the speech of teacher from learning language to mother tongue. In addition, monitoring and evaluation must be absolutely objective. [19]

Let us turn to the consideration of controls at the teaching of foreign languages ​​and use them in practice. [20]

Previous control. Successfully construct the process of learning is only possible if the teacher knows the initial level of pupils and students. When meeting a new group we frontally and individually held a level of development of language skills.

Current control. It allows you to see the process of formation abilities and skills, to replace certain techniques, their sequence depending on the characteristics of a group of pupils or students. Here we used the following controls: individual, front, and group

Interim control. This control completes the unit. This type of control is made after a string of lessons on the topic or unit. The checking will be more frontally in nature.

Final control is carried out every six months or a year using tests and exams.

In conclusion, let us have one feature of the monitoring of language success acquisition - its openness or closed character.

Clear control is based on freeform note in which the pupil or the student understands the nature of the performing activities.

Hidden control is based on involuntary attention, as the pupil or student activities directed not to control but to study. From the fact that control - it is not an own aim, but a way of learning that is used to improve the results of this study, it follows that the results of monitoring carefully are considered and used in further academic work. Control reveals mistakes.[21]

Thus, the system of exercises should simultaneously serve as a control system.

The monitoring helps reveal the way of process of skills formation; the problems that can be faced the students and pupils, and identifies the effectiveness of teaching methods used by the teacher.



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