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Лексико-грамматический тест

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Лексико-грамматический тест

1. Correct the mistakes :

Example :Antonia is Italiana. –Antonia is Italian.


1.London is a city very big.

2. My mother works in a hotel is a receptionist.

3. My father watch TV in the evening.

4. He’s like watching football.

5. On Sundays we go in a restaurant.

6.Hans is businessman.

7.You family is very nice.

8.I like listen to music.

9.Our school have a lot of students.

10.The childrens go to school near here.



Word order

Put the words in the correct order.

Example :Madrid Jorge from comes- Jorge comes from Madrid.



1.policeman from is John a New York.


2.married sister is your?


3.mountains sister skiing goes the in my


4.isn’t coffee nice English very


5.your what name teacher’s is ?


6.surname how spell do your you?


7.often weekends go I at swimming


3.Choose the correct sentence:

1.a/Sally is a nice girl, and I like.

b/Sally is a nice girl, and I like her.

c/Sally is a nice girl, and I like him

2.a/He has 27 years old

b/He is 27 years

c/He’s 27

3.a/Peter works with his father

b/Peter works with he’s father

c/Peter works with him father

4.a/Sally and Tim live in Madrid. They’re flat is lovely

b/Sally and Tim live in Madrid. Their flat is lovely

c/Sally and Tim live in Madrid. There flat is lovely

5.a/She lives in a house or a flat?

b/Does she lives in a house or a flat?

c/Does she live in a house or a flat?

4.Questions :


Match the two parts of the question:

What Where What time Who How much How many do you go to bed? languages do you speak? is a cup of coffee and a sandwich? do you usually sit next to? do you do at weekends? do you go on holiday?

5. Prepositions :


Complete the text with the preposition in the box.


at in about after for with by to on after


James lives (1) __ Cambridge. He lives(2) __two other boys who are students(3) __Cambridge University. They work hard during the week, but(4) __ weekends they invite a lot of friends to their house. They cook a meal(5) __their friends, and then they go out (6)__ the pub (7)__ a drink, or they stay (8) __ home and listen (9)__music. James has two jobs. (10)__ Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays he works (11)__ a hospital, where he helps to look (12)__children who are ill. He goes to the hospital (13)__bus. He starts (14)__ten o'clock and works until quarter (15)__ five. On Thursdays and Fridays he works (16)__ home. He has a computer(17)__ his bedroom and he writes stories. (18)__ the evening one of the boys cooks a meal. (19)__ dinner they look in the newspaper to see what’s on TV or they talk (20)__ their day. They usually go to bed at about midnight.


6. Vocabulary :

Put the words in the correct column. There are five words for each column.


Egg, menu, scientist, favorite, tuna, accountant, collect ,hotel, cake, island, want, deliver, letter, easy, expensive, chicken, journalist, dictionary, sell, friendly, interpreter, magazine, orange, pub, beach, nurse, office, newspaper, busy, listen


Things to read Professions Things to eat Places Verbs Adjectives


Вариант № 2

лексико-грамматический тест

1. Correct the mistake :

Each sentence has a mistake. Find it and correct it.

Example :

Where you live?-Where do you live?

1.There no is a supermarket.

2. Look at this pictures.

3. Is a bank near here?

4. I arrive at Heathrow airport at 10 o’clock last night.

5. She could to speak three languages when she was ten.

6. Where did you went last night?

7. The plant is in front the window.

8. I don’t can go out because I have a lot of homework.

9. In the kitchen is a table.

10. I was to the cinema last weekend.



Past Simple

Complete the text with the Past Simple form of the verbs in brackets.

He was a student in Florence, where he (1)___(study) painting, sculpture and design. He (2)___(begin) a lot of paintings, but he (3)___(not finish) many of them. His picture of the Mona Lisa is the most famous portrait in the world. Leonardo (4)___(be) interested in many things. He (5)___(want) to know about everything he saw. He examined the human body. He (6)___ (think) that the sun (7)___(not go) round the earth. He (8)___ (write) music. He designed a flying machine 400 years before the first onе flew. Many people (9)___ (not understand) his ideas. It is difficult to think that one man (10)___ (can) do so much.


Irregular verbs

Write the Past Simple form of these irregular verbs :


1.give__ 6. make__

2. leave__ 7. break__

3. sell__ 8. meet__

4. speak__ 9.win__

5. lose__ 10.take__

4. Can/could/was/were(not)

Complete the sentences with the words in the box :


can can’t was wasn’t were weren’t could couldn’t


1. Our teaches ___ at school last week because she___ ill.

2. Leonardo ___ a student in Florence. He ___draw, write music, and design buildings.

3. We ___ see the Mona Lisa in the Louvre in Paris.

4. “Where ___you last night? You ___ at home. I phoned you, but there ___ no answer.

5. “I ___ get into my flat because I lost my keys. I___ at a friend’s house.

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