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Charge, includes, responsible, after, under

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1. The Assistant Manager is …….. for the day-to-day running of the hotel.

2. We have three receptionists who work ……..the Head Receptionist.

3. The Head Housekeeper is in ……..of the chambermaids and cleaners.

4. We have four bar operatives, looking ………the bars in the hotel.

5. The Restaurant Section ……….both restaurant and bar service.


4. Fill in the gaps

1. We gave the guide good … because she made the visit so interesting

a) tips b) salary c) commission d) price

2. The … voyage to the centre of London takes forty-five minutes.

a) voyage b) vacation c) cruised d) journey

3. … is not usually expected in Australia except in restaurants where one should add 10% to the bill.

a) Reservation b) Eating out c) Tipping d) Booking


5. Put the words in the correct order.


2. from/Can/speak to/room/ I /123/Mr.Brighton?

3. afraid/I’m/he/out/is/moment/at/the.

4. Pity/is/a/It. We/have/tables/don’t/any/tonight/for/left

5. Long/How/going/are/to/you/stay?


6. Give the possible guests’ replies.

1. –What can I do for you? -

2.–How long are you going to stay? -

3.- Will you give me your passport, please?-

4.-Would you like a single or a double room? -


7.Choose the correct words to complete the dialogue.

Waiter: Good evening, sir. Would/do you like a table for two?

Guest: Yes, please

W. Do you like/have a reservation?

G. Yes, I do. My/our name is Tulip.

W. Ah, yes. A table for/on two in/at 7 o’clock.

G. That’s right.

W. Where would/are you like to sit?

G. Closer to the band, if possible.

W. Come this way, please. I’ll show you to/with your table.


8. Read the text

A campaign to promote a tourist destination takes a lot of careful planning. First, you have to decide exactly what your region offers to visitors – the weather, the natural features (beaches, mountains, scenery), the culture, historical buildings, etc.

Next, you need to identify your target market. This means knowing who your customers are. What are they interested in? How much money will they spend?

Then you need to decide on the objectives for your campaign. Are you trying to attract new visitors, keep your existing customers, or raise awareness about your region?
After that, you need to decide the best way to communicate your message. What’s the best way to promote your region – advertising, cultural events, etc.?
Finally, you need to plan your resources – this means how much money, how much time, and how many people. Think about all the activities within your campaign, give each one a budget (money), a schedule (time), and the people to make sure it happens.

Finish the sentence

Are you trying to attract new visitors, keep your existing customers, or raise awareness about …


your city your country your town your region

9. Read the text below and decide whether the information in sentences 1-6 is TRUE, FALSE or NOT GIVEN.


Visit the island state of TASMANIA

Getting there


Tasmania is well serviced by air, but the cost of flights varies enormously, so make sure you shop around for the best price. The over-sea route to Tasmania is covered by two fast ships from Melbourne. These vessels offer an overnight service in both directions, seven days a week, all year round, with additional daytime services in the high season (December-January). Ships also sail from Sydney and ticket prices vary seasonally. The ferry takes cars and motorbikes.

Getting around


Coach services link all the main towns, as well as bus tours geared for independent travellers, though services can be limited in the low season, so check with the bus company. Cycling is a good option for people with strong legs, and several excellent tours cater for cyclists throughout the island. Car rental is sometimes the best choice to go further and at your own pace. For general info on getting around Tasmania, contact Tourism Tasmania (03) 6230 8235.


1. It is a good idea to investigate the airfares carefully.

2. There is a reduced ferry service from Melbourne in December.

3. The price of travelling by boat from Sydney is the same throughout the year.

4. There is a charge for transporting vehicles.

5. The buses may run less frequently when there are fewer visitors.

6. Renting a car is recommended for longer trips.

10. Ask questions according to the model:

You'd like to know if it is allowed to smoke in the lobby. - May I smoke in the lobby?

You'd like to know, if it is allowed


1. to fill in the form in Russian

2. to arrange a party in your room

3. to keep the room key

4. to have the hotel booklet

5. to bring children in the bar

Вариант № 2

1. Match each description with one of the hotel classes given below:

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