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Контрольная работа №2.

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Вариант № 1

1. I've told you ... hundred times not to come into ... room without knocking, (a, the, -)

2. It isn't necessary for you to drive me to the station. I (may, can, must) get a taxi.

3. We can go (by, in, on) car if you wash (a, the, -) car first.

4. I'm interested (at, in) chess but I'm not very good (at, in) it.

5. My aunt's son (not, start) to work yet. He (be) still (at, in) High School.

6. It (rain). That was the only reason I didn't take the children to the beach.

7. He (not, work) hard at school so he (not, get) a good job when he left.

8. This scientific theory already (prove) to be false.

9. Did you come (by, on, in) air? — No, I had a lovely voyage on (the, a, -) Queen Elizabeth II.

10. Nobody (come) to see them since they bought this house.

11. That (man, men) has been standing there (since, for) 6 o'clock.

12. You (mustn't, couldn't, may not) move this man; he is too ill. You'll have to leave (him, his) here.

13. I (have) my photograph taken tomorrow.

14. You will feel better when you (have) a meal.

15. Tom (invite) to his friend's birthday party yesterday.

16. He had (a, the, -) fair wavy hair; but (she, her) hair was dark and straight.

17. She (be) sixteen now but I thought she (be) older.

18. I was waiting (-, for, to) the rain to stop.

19. He never (be) to India, but he (be) in Pakistan last year.

20. Some people believe in (a, the, -) life after (a, the, -) death.

21. Shall I turn on the light? - No, you (mustn't, needn't). It is still light in the room.

22. He hoped that Tom (be) there in half an hour.

23.1 think that this coat (should, can, must) cost $ 100.

24. We just (hear) that your mother (not, be) very well. We'd like to go and see her.

25. You (know) where Bob is?

26.1 last (see) him a month ago, when he just (leave) his job with the film company.

27. My aunt lived on (a, the, -) ground floor of (a/an, the, -) old house near (a, the, -) River Thames.

28. He (take) for a Frenchman, his French was so good.

29. I've bought everything so you (mustn't, can't, needn't) go shopping.

30. The Urals are not as (high) as the Alps.

31. Is that 703456? No, I'm afraid you (dial) the wrong number.

32. Why are you so angry (to, on, with) us?

33. Many of the exhibits (damage) in the fire, and some totally (destroy) some years ago.

34. I'm sorry I can't help you now. I (prepare) for the test.

35. There was such (a, the, -) long queue that we decided not to wait.

36. I'm sorry that the child (see) the accident yesterday. - I (not, think) it matters. He (forget) everything soon.

37. He said that his speech (be broadcast) tonight.

38. She (hire) a typewriter and she (learn) to type soon.

39. I (plan) my future for the next ten years. - That's very clever of you. What you (do) when you (leave) university? - I (not, decide) yet.

40. I haven't got (any, some) money. Can you lend me (any, some)?

Вариант № 2

1. These two boys are (all, every, both) good swimmers.

2. A tram is not so (quick) as a bus. It is (slow) means of transport.

3. Ann's eyes are not very good. She (has to, must) wear glasses.

4. How long they (be) married? - For five years. They (be) students then.

5. I'm not going (somewhere, nowhere, anywhere) tonight.

6. You (pass) your driving test yet? - Yes, I (pass) it last year.

7.1 have (a, the, -) terrible cold and I'm staying in (a, the, -) bed today.

8. He began to speak (in, at, with) a low voice.

9. He earned (much, many) when he (work) as a computer programmer.

10. The children usually (play) in the park after breakfast.

11. What your brother (do)? - He (read) a magazine.

12. When you (visit) Minsk last?

13. If I (have) some time in the evening, I shall repair my bicycle.

14. It's 12 o'clock, so I (go) to bed now.

15. Do you hear (anything, something)? - Yes, I (hear) soft music.

16. Can you explain this word (with, to, by) me?

17. Peter and Jane (argue): I (can, must, may) hear them from my room.

18. I never (trust) him since he started working here.

19. I'm worried. Why they (arrive) yet?

20. They are very angry. They (try) to see you for the last two or three hours.

21.1 (finish) it when I (be) at the office tomorrow. I (leave) now.

22. (A, the, -) coffee I bought last week is very good but very expensive.

23. English people are proud (of, for, at) their literature.

24. Hurry up! We don't have (many, much, a little) time left.

25.1 think she is the nicest person I ever (meet).

26. Mary (clean) the windscreen when she noticed a crack in the glass.

27.1 couldn't open the office door because it (lock) by someone.

28. I (not, think) you should apologize for not meeting him.

29. As soon as they (phone) me, I will contact you.

30. She is going to be (a, the, -) doctor. Her parents are (a, the, -) doctors too.

31 The clerk in the booking office asked if I (want) a single or return ticket.

32. My grandmother said that she (be) surprised to see that grandfather's clock (stop).

33. I asked her if she (like) to borrow the book but she thanked me and said that she already (read) it and (not, like) it very much.

44. He said that if war (break) out he (have) to leave the country at once.

35. Most of Earth's surface (cover) by water.

36. The river was not so (shallow) as we expected, it was rather (deep).

37. My mother goes to ... church in ... morning, and in ... afternoon she visits her friends, (a, the, -)

38. The house was full. We couldn't get (in, into, on) it.

39. Would you like (something, anything) to eat?

40. We (must, could, had to) not repair the car ourselves. We (must, could, had to) ask our neighbour to help us.

Вариант № 3

1. While we (fish) someone came to the house and (leave) this note for us.

2. The exam just (begin) and the candidates (write) their names at the top of their papers.

3.1 lit the fire at 6.00 and it (burn) brightly when James (come) in at 7.00.

4. When I arrived the lecture (start) already and the professor (write) something on the blackboard.

5. He was very polite. Whenever his wife (enter) the room he (stand) up.

6. The pupil asked the teacher how that word (pronounce).

7.1 apologized (at, to, by, for) them (at, by, for) my mistake.

8. The manager (may, had to, is) not come to work today. He isn't well.

9. He doesn't have (much, a lot, many) work to do this afternoon.

10. My sister is (economical) than me.

11. I asked him what he (be) going to do with his old car.

12. The policeman asked if any of us actually (see) the accident at the crossroads.

13. My friend asked if it (be) all right if she (come) a little later.

14. I asked them where they (go) for their summer holidays the previous year.

15. She asked if I (like) to go to the concerts but I answered that I (have) no spare time because I (have to) prepare for exams.

16. Originally the book (write) in German and a few years ago it (translate) into English.

17. There are plenty of hotels in the town. It (must, should, can) not be difficult to find somewhere to stay.

18. He is not so (bad) as you think, but, perhaps he is (good) than me.

19. Is this (a, an, the) first time you have been to (a, an, the, -) Crimea?

20. The accident looked serious but fortunately (nobody, anybody) was injured.

21. The director (not, allow) the actors to travel by air while they (work) on the film last time.

22. When I arrived at the meeting the first speaker just (finish) speaking and the audience (clap).

23.1 remember that while I (learn) to drive I (have) ten accidents.

24. Yesterday he (have) a bad fall while he (repair) the roof of his house.

25. The play (write) by a previously unknown author but now his name (know) in many countries of the world.

26. "Your mother was (intelligent) and (little) naive than you," my grandmother used to say.

27. On ... Sundays I stay in ... bed till ten o'clock, reading ... Sunday papers, (a/an, the, -)

28. You ... fool some of the people all the time, and all the people some of the time; but you ... not fool all the people all the time, (can, must, may)

29. There was a long silence in the room. Nobody said (something, nothing, anything).

30. I hope the weather will be nice (in, on, at) the weekend.

31. We (buy) a new flat not long ago and (move) in very soon.

32. If you (learn) another language you (get) a better job when you leave school.

33. I am sure that I (recognize) him when we (meet) next summer.

34. I hope you (understand) everything when you (be) older.

35. Nowadays many accidents (cause) by dangerous driving.

36. The play is (interesting) than the book.

37. Apples are not so (expensive) as oranges.

38. When I pass my driving test I (can, might, will be able to) hire a car from our local garage.

39. She is seriously ill. She's been in (a, the, -) hospital for three weeks. We are going to (a, an, the, -) hospital to see her.

40. Don't worry. I'll look (at, after, of, in) the children. There is nothing to be afraid (of, at, in).

Вариант № 4

1. What you (think) of his last book? - I (like) it very much. It's the most interesting book I ever (read).

2. When she (leave) school she cut her hair and (wear) it short ever since.

3. Mr. Blake is the bank manager. He (be) here for twenty-five years. He said he (be going) to retire soon.

4. We (miss) the bus. Now we (have) to walk home.

5. St Paul's Cathedral (design) by Christopher Wren and thousands of people (attract) by its beauty even now.

6. If (anyone, someone) has (any, some) questions, I'll be pleased to answer them.

7.1 bought my sister ... book and ... bottle of ... perfume for her birthday but I don't think she liked ... perfume. (a/an, the, -)

8. The price of one of (those, that) lemons is 25 pence. Those lemons are 25 pence (each, every).

9. These days everybody is aware ... the danger... smoking (in, at, of).

10. I think the government (must, has to, may) do more to help homeless people.

11. You (know) that lady who just (leave) the shop? She (be) a customer of yours?

12. You (see) my bag anywhere? I (look) for it for ages but I haven't found it yet.

13. You are tired. You (drive) all day. Let me drive now.

14. That helicopter (fly) round the house for the last hour. You (think) it (take) photographs?

15. When they got to the police station, they immediately (question) by a police officer.

16. We've just bought... piano. Can you play ... piano? (a/an, the, —)

17. (A/an, the, -) life is very difficult for (a, the) unemployed these days.

18. We (must, have to, could) run all the way to the station because we were late for the train.

19. What is (good) film you've ever seen?

20. The Olympic games are held (each, every) four years.

21. The radio (play) since 7 a.m. I have a headache and wish someone (turn) it off.

22. He (study) Russian for two years but he (not, learn) even the alphabet yet.

23. That house (be) empty for a year. But they (take) down the "For Sale" sign today, so I suppose someone (buy) it already.

24.1 (phone) you twice yesterday and (get) no answer.

25. The manager informed that the lunch break (reduce) from one hour to forty-five minutes from the following week.

26. My car broke down near ... bus stop. There was ... man waiting for ... bus so I asked him for ... advice, (a/an, the, -)

27. We have ... flat on the top floor. We get ... lovely view from there (a/an, the, -).

28. Does it cost (much, many) to repair a car nowadays?

29. We had a great holiday. It was one of (great) holidays we have ever had.

30. The police were suspicious at first but we (could, were able to, must) convince them that we were innocent.

31. It (snow) for three days now. The roads (block) if it (not to stop) soon.

32. He (sleep) since ten o'clock. It's time he woke up. He (be) to be at college in ten minutes.

33. I only (hear) from him twice since he (go) away.

34. Mark, why you (make) such a horrible noise? - I (lose) my key and I (try) to wake my mother but she (not, hear) anything.

35. Peter (attract) by Ann and he asked her to have lunch with him.

36. ... man I met on the train told me ... rather unusual story. (a/an, the, -)

37. The hotel we stayed at was (cheap) than all the others in the town.

38. He is very good (in, at, of) repairing different things.

39. She tried to think of other things but she (could, might, had) not put that awful memory out of her mind.

40. There were (a few, a little) letters this morning but (either, none) of them were for me.

Вариант № 5

1.1 (meet) a friend while I (do) the shopping.

2. Jane (spend) every school holiday in Scotland.

3.1 usually (do) my homework when the TV programme (end).

4. How long you (know) your best friend?

5. All the grammar rules (explain) before the test (write) by the students.

6. All the salaries (pay) much later now. It's something to do with the computer.

7. You can phone me at (any, some) time during the evening. I'm always at home.

8. Everest is (high) mountain in the world. It is (high) than any other mountain.

9. He is a very famous singer. They say he is (famous) singer in this country.

10. He was ... very tall man with ... dark hair and ... beard. (a/an, the, -)

11. We (stop) and (wait) until the train (pass).

12. They had to stay at the station for the night because they (miss) the last train.

13. The librarian (register) all the books yesterday that (come) into the library by the end of the week.

14. My watch (keep) good time before I (drop) it.

15. These documents shouldn't (leave) on the desk. They should (lock) up.

16. I (not, introduce) to her mother yet.

17. While we were working in the garden our door was opened ... somebody ... a key. (with, at, by)

18. ... interference with ... nature often brings ... disaster. (a/an, the, -)

19. It was an awful day. It was (bad) day in my life.

20. I was invited to two parties last week but I didn't go to (either, neither) of them.

21. The committee (draft) the plan by tomorrow.

22. You already (see) the new Indian film? - Yes, I (manage) to see it yesterday. But to tell the truth I (not, like) to see Indian films.

23. The delegation (start) for London as soon as they (receive) their visas.

24.1 (not, think) I (be able) to call on them and say good-bye before I (go) abroad next week.

25. Why I (not, inform) of the change of our plan yesterday?

26. The tickets should (not, throw) away as inspectors may check them during the trip.

27. What's (quick) way of getting from here to the station?

28.1 don't like to go (to, in, for, under) a walk (in, for, under) the rain.

29. Everywhere ... man has cut down ... forests in order to cultivate ... ground or to use wood as fuel or as ... building material, (a/an, the, -)

30. I asked two people the way to the station but (either, neither) of them could help me.

31. Why do you always come to see me at (bad) possible moment?

32. I spent (little) money than you but I spent (much) than my mother did.

33. The man (try) in court, he (find) guilty and (send) to prison.

34. "Dictionaries may (not, use) at the exam", the teacher said.

35. If I (see) Tom tomorrow, I shall tell him everything.

36. When are you going to finish this test? - I (finish) it already.

37. When I arrived at the party, Tom (go) home already.

38. The children (swim) for half an hour when the storm began.

39. If you go by (a/an, the, —) train you can have quite (a/an, the, -) comfortable journey.

40. We ... phone her up because her phone had broken, but fortunately we ... leave a message for her. (can, couldn't, was/were able to)

Вариант № 6

1. Did you ask them when Ann (arrive)? -They know (nothing, anything) about it.

2. The teacher said that we would go (to, on, for) an excursion soon.

3. In Britain, children start school (in, at, of, on) the age (in, at, of, on) five.

4. She lives on ... top floor of ... old house. When ... wind blows, all ... windows rattle, (a, the, -)

5. ... family hotels are ... hotels which welcome ... parents and children, (a, the, -)

6.1 (be going) to take a short holiday when I (finish) this work.

7. As soon as you (decide) when you (leave), phone us and we (reserve) a flight for you.

8. If I (see) George tomorrow, I (tell) him to come and speak to you.

9. ... I stay here till 6 o'clock? - No, you ... not. You ... go home now if you've finished your work, (need, must, may)

10. There were (few) people at this match than at the last one.

11. Don't forget to put the light out when you (go) to bed.

12. He (walk) out of the door when the phone (ring).

13. I'm sorry, Tom can't come to the phone, he (have) a bath.

14. My brother (fall) in love with an American and they (get) married last month.

15. This street (sweep) every day, but it (not, sweep) last week.

16. If you go to a dentist with a private practice, you (had to, will have to, should) pay him quite a lot of money.

17. One of (famous) places of interest in London is St. Paul's Cathedral.

18. We travelled all night and arrived (in, at, to) Paris (in, at, to) 7 o'clock ... the morning, (in, at, to)

19. He has lived in London (more, most) of his life.

20. Like many women she loves ... tea parties and ... gossip, (a, the, -)

21. My mother is worried because she (not, hear) from my sister for a month.

22. When I woke up yesterday, it (rain).

23. By the time I left the house it (stop) raining.

24. How long you (study) English? - For 5 years.

25. At the age of five he ... read but he ... not write until the age of seven, (can, could, may)

26. Can you turn the light... please? I don't want to sit... the dark, (in, into, on, off)

27. She spends most of her spare time talking (in, at, on) the phone.

28. No park in London is as (popular) as Hyde Park.

29. There was (little, few) traffic so the journey didn't take very long.

30. Have you ever been to Spain? - Yes, I've been there (few, a few) times.

31. The children (should, could, have to) play in the yard till their mother gets home from work as they are afraid to be alone.

32. What is (popular) sport in your country?

33. The buses are very full. There are too many people ... them, that's why I prefer to travel ... train or ... air. (at, in, on, by)

34. What time did you get (in, at, to, for) work yesterday?

35. I'll pay one hundred (a, the, -) week. It's not (a/an, the, -) enormous salary but after all you are (a, the, -) completely unskilled man.

36. The weather has been very dry recently. We need (much, many) rain for the crop to grow.

37. Who (invent) radio? - It (invent) by Popov.

38. There weren't any other questions, ... there?

39. These beautiful flowers (present) to her by her friends.

40. The doctor (send) for already.



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