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Термин “фразовый глагол” относится к такому сочетанию глагола с предлогом, при котором меняется смысл глагола. Фразовые глаголы очень распространены в разговорном английском. Вот список некоторых из них (уточните их значения по словарю):

bring up

call up

clean up

do over

drop off

fill out

get on

give back

go over

hand in

hang up

look over

look up

pick up

put away

put on

put out

show up

take off

take out

think over

try on

turn in

turn off

turn on

turn out

turn up

Различают два вида фразовых глаголов:

1.) Разделяемые:

I handed my paper in.

В таких сочетаниях существительное или местоимение могут стоять между глаголом и предлогом.

2.) Неотделяемые:

She gets off the train.

В таких сочетаниях существительное или местоимение должно стоять после предлога.

Упражнение 1. Употребите после глагола break нужный послелог

A) down B) up C) off D) into

1) Susan and Jack were talking about something when I came into the room, but when I entered, they broke __ their conversation.

2) Cory broke ___ somebody's house and stole a TV. Now, he's in jail!

3) It takes many years for garbage and trash to break __ and decompose. That's why we must recycle and be careful of the environment.

4) The police came when my house was broken ___ .

5) My friends had a terrible argument. It was so bad that the police came to their house to break the argument __. My friends shouldn't shout like that!

6) Mark can't find his suticase key, so he is going to break ___ the suitcase with a hair pin!

7) Break some crackers __ and put them in your soup to make the flavor better!

8) Jack's motorcycle broke ___ yesterday. He will have to repair it this weekend.

9) When will the meeting break __ tomorrow? I have a class at 4:00.

10) It's rude to interrupt people and make them cut their conversation ___ in midsentence.

Упражнение 2. Употребите после глагола "CALL" нужный послелог

Не забывайте, что глагол callс послелогом имеет следующие значения:

to call back = to return a telephone call

to call off = to postpone, delay or cancel something

to call up = to telephone someone

to call on = to ask a student to speak in class/visit somebody at their home

to call out = to shout aloud

Melanie's Trip to the Doctor

1. Melanie didn't feel very well, so she called the doctor __ to make an appointment.

2. The doctor examined Melanie and ran a few tests on her. He told her that he would call her ___ later with the test results.

3. Melanie wasn't at home when the doctor called her __, so the doctor left a message.

4. Melanie had to call the doctor ___ when she came home.

5. The doctor told Melanie that she would need to go to the hospital on Wednesday for more tests. Melanie was planning to have lunch with her friend on Wednesday, but now she must talk to her friend and call __ their lunch.

6. After Melanie canceled her lunch date, she walked next door to call ___ her neighbor. Melanie and her neighbor, Sara, are good friends.

7. Melanie knocked on Sara's door, and loudly called ___, "It's me, Melanie! Are you home?"

8. Sara called ___, "Hi Mel, come on in!" So, Melanie went into Sara's house to tell her about her day.

9. While Melanie was telling Sara about the doctor's visit, Mel's husband called ___, "Melanie, come home quickly! The doctor is on the phone for you!" Melanie rushed home to talk to the doctor.

10. After Melanie hung up the phone, she turned to her husband and smiled. "Honey, the doctor called me ___ to tell me some good news. I don't need any tests at the hospital. And....we are going to have a baby! Melanie and her husband hugged each other happily.

Упражнение 3. Употребите после глагола "CUT" нужный послелог.

Не забывайте, что глагол cutс послелогом имеет следующие значения:

to cut off = to sever something - The doctor cut off the infected finger.

to cut off = to eliminate from contact - He was cut off by the storm.

to cut down on = to reduce the amount of something - You should cut down on smoking.

to cut down = to chop something down - They cut the tree down.

to cut out = to remove something - I cut the picture out of the magazine.

to cut out = to stop something - She cut out smoking.

1) Stanley went to the doctor. The doctor told him to cut __ on salt and sugar. A little bit is OK, but too much is unhealthy.

2) I like to cut pretty photographs ___ of magazines and paste them on my wall.

3) Stop that! You are making me angry! Cut it __!

4) Don't play with those scissors, Timmy! You might cut your finger___!

5) Every year I cut my rose bushes __, so they will grow again the next year.

6) There was a terrible snowstorm. Many people were cut ___ from their friends and family. They couldn't talk to them, or call them on the phone, or see them for two weeks.

7) If you don't cut ___ smoking, you will get cancer. I can help you stop.

8) Before the next storm, we should cut that old tree ___. We don't want it to fall on the house.

9) Vincent VanGogh, the famous painter, cut his ear__. That was a crazy thing to do!

10) When Filipe had an accident, the doctors had to cut his little finger ___. He is lucky that he didn't lose his whole hand. Filipe will be more careful next time!

Упражнение 4. Употребите после глагола "LOOK" нужный послелог.

Не забывайте, что глагол lookс послелогом имеет следующие значения:

to look after = to take care of something or someone - Please look after your sister.

to look back = to think about the past - On birthdays, we often look back on the past year.

to look around = to explore an area - Sam looked around downtown.

to look up = to find information - He looked the word up in the dictionary.

1) I enjoy looking ___ at all the beautiful flowers in the flower shop.

2) Looking __ on your childhood memories can be sad sometimes.

3) Elizabeth is hungry. She's looking ___ in the kitchen to find something good to eat.

4) Please look ___ Mary's phone number in the telephone book. I need to call her.

5) The old woman likes to talk about life when she was a young girl. She enjoys looking ___ at life in simpler times.

6) We must look ___ people who are less fortunate than we are. If we don't help them, who will?

7) After you finish the questions, you may look ___ the answers to see if you were correct. You will find the answers in the back of your book.

8) Amy is a helpful girl. She looks ___ her younger brother every day after school.

9) Jessica wanted to learn about butterflies, so she looked them __ in the encyclopedia.

10) Good pet owners look ___ their pets. Pets need food, water and love every day.

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