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Today you will learn to explain the contextual meaning of words, to express your attitude to certain ideas concerning pastime, and to find different ways of expressing it.

1. Тренировка в ритмико-звуковом оформлении высказывания.

think It is sometimes the only way out.

thing This is the best way to do it.

everything I am fed up with sightseeing.

nothing There is nothing like camping., etc.


2. Замена слов в предложениях синонимами (множественный выбор).

Read the following sentences and paraphrase the words in italics using the necessary substitute among those offered below:


sight 1) place of interest 2) spectacle 3) power of seeing   way 1) road, path 2) distance 3) method   feeling 1) sympathy 2) sensation 3) taste and understanding  


a) He was getting old and gradually losing his sight, b) We all enjoyed seeing the sights of the capital, c) The village was still a long way off. d) The way lay across the field, e) She plays the piano with feeling, f) He had a sudden feeling of hunger., etc.

3. Определение совпадения или противоположности мнений в репликах на уровне предложения (аудирование).

Listen to the pairs of sentences. Show your red card if the opinionsarenearly the same and your blue card if the opinions are opposed toeachother:

a) I am fed up with sightseeing. - I am sick and tired of sightseeing. b) It is unnatural for one to leave home and seek adventure far away. -There is nothing in life like a sightseeing tour. c) Air transport is really safe. - There are more road casualties per day than air deaths per year. d) It is obvious that television brings the world into your home. - It is obvious that television limits your outlook because it keeps you at home., etc.

4. Управляемый парафраз на уровне предложения.

Look through the sentences you've just had for aural comprehension. Find the cases where the speakers disagree. Express your agreementwithone of the speakers using the vocabulary of the other speakerand changing the sentence according to your purpose. E.g.:

"A telephone talk saves a lot of time, compared to letter-writing." "Just think of the amount of time wasted on idle telephone talks!"

"I agree with the first speaker. Just think of the amount of time wasted on letter-writing!"

5. Составление связных микромонологов на основе комбинирования с учетом сходства или противоположности точек зрения.

Make up two short monologues combining the sentences below. In one of them you should be quite confident of what you say ("For one thing,"... ", "Besides, ...", "And to finish with, ... "), and in the second monologue your hesitation should be obvious ("On the one hand,...", "But on the other hand,...").

You should(n't) watch TV every day.   There are many interesting things on TV. Your eyes get very tired. Most television programmes can't leave one indifferent. Advertisements can drive one crazy. Television is a very good pastime. It prevents one from doing so many things! It keeps one in the know. You should spend more time in the open to keep fit., etc.  

6. Свободный парафраз, выполнение которого в некоторой степени подготовлено предыдущей тренировкой в плане лексики и полностью подготовлено в плане интеллектуальных операций, таких, как выбор, сопоставление, принятие решения, переструктурирование.

Render each of the following ideas in as many ways as possible:

a) There is nothing like camping, b) A visit to the cinema is the best way to spend a few idle hours, c) I can't so much as stand the sight of an aeroplane!


7. Условно-коммуникативные микродиалоги с выражением согласия/несогласия по поводу каждой из заданных инициативных реплик.

Express your agreement or disagreement with the following statements paraphrasing each sentence and adding a sentence or two. Change parts. E.g.:

"People should develop the habit of reading while they are still young." "I quite agree. People should fall into the habit of reading when they are children. They shouldn't give all their free time to television. And it's the parents who ought to set a good example to their children."


A. Watching TV is a waste of time because most programs are bad.

Television turns people into passive listeners and observers.

Why tire yourself travelling when you can learn even more staying at home?

B. When travelling together, people soon get tired of their fellow-travellers.

There is much truth in the saying "East or West, home is best."

It's much safer to see everything with one's own eyes.

8. Монологическое высказывание по проблеме.

Express your own ideas as to the value of travelling as a pastime.

9. Групповая беседа (или дискуссия в парах).

Express your attitudes to television as a pastime. Were people any happier before it was invented?


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