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Выучите фразы, которые используются для того, чтобы узнать чье-либо мнение или выразить свое.

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Asking far opinion
То one person To a group of people
What are your views on ...? What are your feelings about ...? What do you think about ...? What's your opinion about that? Any reaction to that? Has anybody strong feelings about (views on) that? What's the general view or feeling about that? Has anybody any comments to make?
Giving opinion
Strong Neutral Tentative
I'm sure that ... I'm convinced that ... I feel quite .sure that ... It's perfectly clear to me that ... I think (believe) that ... As I see it ... From a financial point of view ... The way I see it is that ... It seems to me that ... I'm inclined to think that ... My inclination would be to ...

Распределите роли и примите участие в телевизионной дискуссии «Энергия и жизнь».

ANNOUNCER: Good evening! Dear guests, welcome to our TV studio. Listen and see our program "For Those Who Think". Life and energy is our problem.

The world's energy resources are limited. Nobody knows exactly how much fuel is left. Of course, we have to do something and do it as soon as possible.

Unit 6______________________________________________ 161

I'd like to welcome our first guest, Professor Oleg Petrov.

PROFESSOR OLEG PETROV: Well, we are in energy crisis and we'll have to do something quickly. Fossil fuels (coal, oil and natural gas) are rapidly running out. The tragedy is that fossil fuels are too valuable to waste on the production of electricity. I think that nuclear power is the only real alternative. We are getting some electricity from nuclear power already. There has been a lot of pro­test against nuclear power. But nuclear power-stations will not be as dangerous as some people say if safety regulations in power-stations are very strict.

ANNOUNCER: Thank you, Professor. Our next guest is a member of the campaign against nuclear energy, Mr. Dymov.

MR. DYMOV: Right. I must disagree totally with Professor Petrov. Let's look at the facts. In the case of an accident huge areas are evacuated, and they remain contaminated with radioactivity for years. Radioactivity causes cancer and may affect future gen­erations.

Next, nuclear waste. There is no technology for absolutely safe disposal. Some of this waste will remain active for thousands of years. Is that what you want to leave to your children? And their children's children?

I consider that nuclear energy is expensive, dangerous, and evil, and most of all, absolutely unnecessary.

But Dr. Krimova will be saying more about the problem.

ANNOUNCER: Thank you, Mr. Dymov. Now I'm very pleased to welcome Dr. Krimova, our final speaker. She is the author of several books on alternative technology.

DR. KRIMOVA: Hello! I'd like to begin by agreeing with Mr. Dymov. We can develop alternative sources of power. Instead of burning fossil fuels we should be concentrating on more economic uses of electricity. Electricity can be produced from any source of energy. You can save more by conservation than you can produce for the same money. Unless we do research on solar energy, wind power, wave power, tidal power, etc., our fossil fuels will run out, and we'll all freeze or starve to death. We have to spend much more on research, and don't forget that energy from the sun, the waves and the wind lasts forever. We really won't survive unless we start working on cleaner, safer sources of energy.

ANNOUNCER: Thank you very much, Dr. Krimova. Now we are opening the discussion.


162_____________________________________________ Unit 6

На обсуждение выносятся следующие вопросы:

1. What are the problems with coal as a domestic fuel?

2. What are the advantages of oil and gas over coal?

3. Which energy source increased most between 1973 and 1986
in the UK?

4. Which eneigy source decreased most between 1973-1986 in the UK?


5. Is nuclear power the only alternative to fossil fuels for the
production of electricity?

6. Is nuclear energy dangerous and unnecessary?

7. How can people develop alternative sources of energy and
which ones?

Фразы для ведущего:

Right, let's get started.

Perhaps, you'd like to start, Ann.

Just a minute, Peter, let Ami finish what she was saying.

We'll come to your point later.

Perhaps, you'd like to explain/tell us ...

Let's move on ...

Слом • выряжены для участников:

let's look at the facts I mean

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