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Lewis Carroll

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William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare was one of the greatest and famous writers of the world. Many people know and like his works but many facts of Shakespeare's life are still unknown.

William Shakespeare was born in 1564 in Stratford-on- Avon, a small English town. He studied at local grammar school because his father wanted his son to be an educated person. While studying at school, William didn't have much free time but he liked to go to the forest and river Avon.

Young William liked to watch actors and actresses who visited Stratford-on-Avon. He was fond of actor's profession and decided to become an actor. With this purpose he went to London. There he played and wrote plays as well. In his works he described the events of England's contemporary life. His plays that were staged in many theatres and which were then translated into many languages made Shakespeare a very popular person.

In all Shakespeare wrote thirty seven plays. He cooperated with the best English theatres during twenty five years. His best and the most famous plays are «Othello», «King Lear», «Hamlet», «Romeo and Juliet”.

Besides plays Shakespeare wrote a lot of poetry, which is translated into many languages and is well-known through- out the world.

William Shakespeare died in 1616. But his creations are still popular now and millions of people still admire them.


1.Where was William Shakespeare born?

2. Where did he study?

3. What did he like to do when he was young?

4. What was William Shakespeare?

5. How many plays did he write?

6. What plays by William Shakespear do you know?





Lewis Carroll

Lewis Carroll was the pen-name of Charles L. Dodgson, the man who wrote a famous book for children "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland".

Charles L. Dodgson was born in England in 1832. He got his early education at a public school. Then he became a student at Oxford. Charles studied mathematics and later taught this subject in the same college.

Charles Dodgson had no family, but he loved children very much. He often visited his friend, who had a large family. There were three little girls in the family. One of them, Alice, was four years old.

Dodgson liked Alice very much and he often told her interesting stories which he made up himself. Charles told Alice Liddell about the adventure of a little girl, and she liked the stories very much.

When Alice Liddell was about ten years old, she asked Charles to write down the stories for her, and he did so. He called the heroine of his book also Alice. This hand-written book had many pictures made by Charles himself. They were not very good pictures but the children liked them.

One day a friend of the Liddeils, a writer, came to see the family. He saw the hand-written book made by Charles Dodgson and began to read it with great interest. He read the book to the end and said that it was good and that all the children in England must read it.

Charles decided to publish the book but he did not want to do it under his own name. So he took the pen-name of Lewis Carroll. The book came out in 1865 and all the people who read it liked it very much. Later the book was published in the United States, in France and in Germany. The first Russian translation of "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" came out in 1923.

In England the book was published very many times during the author's life and you can always find it in the bookshops of today. "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" is still a favourite children's book.


1.Where was L. Carroll born?

2. Where did he get his education?

3. Who did he often visit?

4. What did Charles tell Alice Liddell about?

5. Why did he call the heroine of his book Alice? :

6. When did the first Russian translation come out?



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