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Speaker: Standard English

Terry Piper: Standard Australian

David Long: Standard Australian

♫ Music: courtesy of M. Cradick & G. Wiggins.

BL. 1. What do you know about Australia? Complete the Fact File below:

Geographical position: the S------- Hemisphere

Official name of the state: the C------- of Australia

Capital: C-----------

Natural disasters: d-----------

Native people: A----------

? ------------

BL. 2.Which of the following do you associate with Australian land, people and culture?

Boomerang, kangaroo, the tyranny of distance, Maori, volcanoes, bushmen.

BL. 3.Look through this list of proper names (those are given as they appear on the tape):

Ayers Rock; Australia; Northern Territory; The Olgas; Graham Anderson; Yurala Resort; Alice Springs; William Gosse; Bob Hawke; Terry Piper; David Long Uluru;


L 1. Listen to the story about the Rock. Stand your point of view on the problem:

As demands for the return of Uluru to Aboriginal ownership grew, at whose expense a compromise has been reached?


L. 2. Listen to the story again and answer the questions:

- Where does Ayers Rock lie?

- What made Graham Anderson famous?

- What was the first discovery of the Ayers Rock?

- What is the spiritual core of the Aboriginal culture based on?

- Why did the decision of the government to return Uluru National Park to its traditional Aboriginal owner trigger months of debate and negotiation over how to make it work?

- How important was the decision for the Aboriginal people in this area?


L. 3. Are the statements true or false? Find the evidence and make any necessary corrections.

- Climbing up Ayers Rock’s summit is little worth the effort: Australia’s Northern Territory stretches in all directions as far as the eye can see, until it merges with the heat haze on the horizon.

- The number of visitors to Ayers Rock has doubled since the mid-’80s and now stands at over 300.000 a year.

- The land was not leased back for 99 years to the government who didn’t agree to pay the traditional owners an annual rent plus a percentage of the Park entrance fees.

- The Land Council is fighting a new Sacred Sites Law introduced in 1989, because it gives the government the power to override the Aboriginal custodians and even order a sacred site to be destroyed.

- That’s certainly not a big problem, trying to educate non-Aboriginals into the ways of Aboriginal people and their culture.

L. 4. What is meant by the following:

The Outback, the Olgas, the Yulara Resort, Uluru, Tjukurpa, Dreamtime, Aboriginal law, sacred site/area, (Central) Arrernte?

L. 5. Listen for the details and fill in the blanks:

For many Australians, a …… [to Ayers Rock] at some time in their lives is almost obligatory. For overseas tourists, the Rock is an …… not to be missed.

The ….. monolith, estimated to be ….. years old and covering ….. ……, really change …… at sunrise and sunset. The changes are caused by the low angle of the sun’s ..…, ….. particles in the air, prevailing …… conditions and even ……. . The Rock’s distinctive …… colour results from its …… content that literally ….. in the presence of water and oxygen.

The …… high climb to the summit takes about …… At the base of the Rock there are numerous …… to those who have …… attempting to climb. The first dirt ….. from the nearest town of Alice Springs was built in the …… ; dusty and rutted …..… , it was

impassable when it ….. Not surprisingly, between 1931 and 1941 only ….. were recorded on the summit of the Rock.

But long before the road was built and long before the Rock was even …… the Aborigines were there. About …… before, in fact.

As the number of tourists grew, the Aborigines found their ….. more and more threatened by people who blundered into them.

The traditional owners had been fighting …… round 1958 when it became a …… and then in 1985 it went back to Aboriginal land.

The handing back of this area has been an ….. in encouraging other sacred areas to be returned to their …… owners around Australia. Returning Ayers Rock was just one case in the land rights issue, albeit the most publicized one. Each …… requires months of field work and anthropological …… to complete.

Why not introduce some ….. into the schools? At the end of the day it’s education that will help people understand each other in …… .

R. 1. Consider the points:

- The Chairman of the Central Land Council in Alice Springs David Long states his always being optimistic for the future. Though, he mentions: ”I’ve been here all my life, as I say, and things take a hell of a bloody long time to change!” Do you agree with him?

- Do you think Australian politicians that control the whole operation are really just so far against it and so arrogant to the facts?

- From where you stand, what should be done to improve the life standards of Aborigines and to help their culture survive?

R. 2. Make up a list of key words and phrases to cover the story of the Rock. Prepare a report (10 min).


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