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Complaints and Replies to Compalaints (письмо-жалоба и ответ на жалобу), письмо объяснение

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Уважаемые господа!

К нашему сожалению, мы вынуждены сообщить вам, что ваша последняя поставка не соответствует обычным стандартам. Покрытие не очень хорошего качества и эмаль в некоторых местах потрескалась. С экспресс-почтой мы послали вам образцы последней и предыдущей поставок, для того, чтобы вы смогли видеть разницу в качестве товара сами.

Хотим сообщить вам, что всегда были уверены в высоком качестве вашего товара, и тем более (all the more) разочарованы, что этот товар был предназначен для нашего нового заказчика.

Поскольку нам пришлось забрать этот товар обратно, просим вас сообщить нам незамедлительно, какие меры вы собираетесь принять в сложившейся ситуации.

С уважением...

(Dear Sirs

To our regret, we have to inform you that your last delivery does not meet the usual standards. Coverage is not very good quality and in some places, the enamel cracked. With express mail we sent you the samples of the latest and previous deliveries, so that you can see the difference in the quality of the goods themselves.

We would like to inform you that have always been sure about the quality of your product, and even more so (all the more) disappointed that this product was designed for our new customer.

Since we had to take this product back, please let us know immediately what steps you intend to take in this situation.

Yours faithfully ...)

Фразы для писем:

Further you will find the possible replies to the complaints of poor quality, bad packing and goods short-delivered:

  1. We were very sorry to receive your complaint that the textile you received was not of the quality expected.
  2. We think the best procedure will be to have the pieces inspected by a specialist and we are arranging for this to be done.
  3. We greatly regret that you received only 3 dozen instead of 4 dozen ordered. On investigation we found that the packers misread the number, and we have arranged with them for the immediate dispatch of the missing 1 dozen.
  4. There was a slight delay due to the breakdown of machinery, which held up production for 2 days.
  5. We are extremely sorry about this delay, which you will understand was due to circumstances beyond our control7.
  6. The packers do not agree that there is any defect in the material used, and there have been no previous complaints: they insist that the boxes must have been subjected to very bad treatment.
  7. Unfortunately, we discover you have sent us the wrong goods.
  8. On comparing the goods received with the sample, we were surprised to discover that the colour is not the same.
  9. We cannot possibly supply our customers with the articles you have sent to us because of the poor quality.
  10. We cannot accept these goods as they are not the size and shape we ordered.
  11. Unfortunately we have not received from you all the goods we ordered. The following are missing.
  12. You have short-shipped1 this consignment by 150 kg.


Offering Goods and Services (письмо-предложение)

Фразы для письма:

Prices and terms

  • a) Our prices include packing and carriage/freight and packing1 are included in the price.
  • b) All prices are ex-works2.
  • c) Owing to the slump in commodity prices3 we can offer you these goods at low market price/at less than the cost/at the very special price of.../on very favourable terms/at cost price4.
  • d) Our terms are net cash5/spot cash6/cash within seven days/cash on delivery/cash with order.
  • e) Our quotations/prices are subject to 3% discount for cash7.

Conditions and qualifications

  • a) This offer is firm for five days8.
  • b) This offer must be withdrawn if not accepted within seven days.
  • c) This is a special offer and cannot be repeated.

Supply and demand

  • a) We advise you to stock up while supplies are available.
  • b) In view of the heavy demand for this line9, we advise you to order at once.
  • c) Supplies of this commodity on world markets greatly exceed the demand.
  • d) These goods are available immediately from stock.

Asking for instructions

  • a) Will you kindly let us have an early decision.
  • b) Kindly confirm your order at the price quoted.
  • c) Your reply by telex/phone/fax would be appreciated.
  • d) Please send us your instructions by telex/fax.

Concluding sentences

  • a) We look forward to the pleasure of serving you.
  • b) Our services are at your disposal.
  • c) You may rely on us to give you requirements immediate attention.
  • d) We are sure that our goods will meet your requirements .

Thank you for your on 15 May,in which you enquire__peri ferals__Liverpool. We are glad to hear that there is a demand for goods of this type in St. Petersburg. We are sending our price list and terms of delivery, and our catalogue has already been sent by separate post.

As you will notice, our prices are extremely low, and since we hold large amount of all models for all times, we can promise delivery in a week on after receipt of orders.

We hope to hear from you soon and look forward to have business with you.

Dear Sir,

We have read your letter of September, 3 with much interest and thank you for the suggestions contained in it.

Market fluctuations (колебания на рынке) of the kind you describe make us pause to consider whether it would be advisable to postpone our efforts in your country until conditions are more settled. Your report convinces us, however, that we must leave prices entirely to your discretion (полностью на ваше усмотрение), and we therefore agree to your proposal to supply you on consignment basis (на консигнационной основе) . You will, of course, keep us regularly informed of the trading position, and we shall limit our consignment to goods of the lower and middle price ranges. We should also like to have your Sales Accounts (отчеты о продаже товара) monthly, although we shall draw on you quarterly (выписывать переводной вексель поквартально).

We enclose Bill of Lading and other documents for a shipment per s/s "Queen Elizabeth" leaving Liverpool on September, 25 and this will be the first consignment under the new arrangement. As requested by you, we will in future leave the arrangement of freight, insurance, etc., to your shipping agent, and will present our drafts to him for acceptance and settlement.

We rely on your best efforts to obtain realistic prices and we look forward to your periodic reports.

Yours faithfully.

(Уважаемые господа,

Мы прочитали Ваше письмо от 3 сентября с большим интересом и спасибо за предложения, содержащиеся в нем.

Рыночные колебания (колебания на рынке) вида вы описали заставить нас паузу, чтобы рассмотреть вопрос о целесообразности было бы целесообразно отложить наши усилия в вашей стране, пока условия более урегулирован. Ваш доклад убеждает нас, однако, что мы должны оставить цены полностью на ваше усмотрение (полностью на ваше усмотрение), и поэтому мы согласиться на Ваше предложение предоставить Вам на основе партии (на консигнационной основе). Вы, конечно, держать нас регулярно информировать торговая позиция, и мы будем ограничивать наши партии товаров нижнего и среднего ценовых диапазонов. Мы также хотели бы, чтобы ваши продажи счетов (отчеты о продаже товара) ежемесячно, хотя мы будем опираться на вас ежеквартально (выписывать переводной вексель поквартально).

Мы прилагаем коносамент и другие документы для перевозки на с / с «Королева Елизавета», оставляя Ливерпуле 25 сентября, и это будет первая партия в новой аранжировке. По просьбе вам, мы в будущем покинуть расположение грузов, страхование и т.д., чтобы ваш экспедитор, и будет представлять нашу проекты к нему на прием и поселение.

Мы полагаемся на ваш максимум усилий для получения реальной цены, и мы с нетерпением ждем ваших периодических докладов.

С уважением.)

Уважаемые господа!

Благодарим вас за письмо от 14 декабря. Мы были рады узнать, что вы находите наш товар приемлемым и видите возможность увеличения его продажи.

Если господин Гаврилов посетит нас, когда будет в Англии, мы будем рады обсудить возможности установления с вами долгосрочных деловых контактов. Однако пока мы еще не приняли решения относительно учреждения нашего агенства в Санкт-Петербурге. Возможно, вы хотели бы предложить нам какие-либо условия, на основе которых вы согласились бы выступать в качестве нашего агента в России.

Посылаем вам наш каталог экспортных товаров с полным указанием торговых скидок. Через некоторое время мы предполагаем выслать вам первую партию товара против вашего аккредитива в виде переводного векселя в Русский банк в течение 30 дней после поставки товара.

С уважением...

(Dear Sirs

Thank you for your letter of December 14. We were pleased to learn that you find our products affordable and you can see the possibility of increasing its sales.

If Mr. Gavrilov visit us when you are in England, we will be happy to discuss the possibility of introducing to you the long-term business contacts. However, we have not yet made ​​a decision on the establishment of our agency in St. Petersburg. Perhaps you would like to offer us any of the terms on which you have agreed to act as our agent in Russia.

We send you our catalog of export goods with a full indication of trade discounts. After some time, we expect to send you the first batch of goods against your credit in the form of a bill in the Russian bank within 30 days after delivery.

Yours faithfully ...)


На этом фото шаблон письма, как где и что писать, по нему тоже будет проверка

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