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Today air traffic control flight information and alerting services, which together comprise air traffic services, rank high among the indispensable ground support facilities, which ensure the safety and efficient operation of air traffic throughout the world.

The prime objective of air traffic services is to prevent collision between aircraft, whether taxiing on the manoeuvring area, taking-off, landing, and en-route or in the holding pattern at destination aerodrome. Flight information centres and air traffic control units have to deal with the ways of expediting and maintaining an orderly flow of air traffic and of providing advice and information for the safe and efficient conduct of flights and alerting service for aircraft in distress.

Air Traffic Control consists of clearances issued by air traffic control units to achieve longitudinal, vertical or lateral separation between aircraft in accordance with the ICAO documents. It is necessary to specify the requirements for co-ordination between the civil air traffic control units and military authorities or other agencies responsible for activities that may effect flights of civil aircraft.

Air Traffic Controllers at control centres in more than 60 countries of the world use the advanced technologies and the commitment to safety for those who fly. Over 30 years of advanced technologies, provided by Alenia Difesa to Air Traffic Management Systems. Reading the evolutionary trends of Air Traffic Control requirements, the Radar Division of Alenia Difesa offers Primary Radar's equipped with Planar Array antenna, Mode-s. Monopulse SSR and Fault Tolerant Processors for real time applications Alenta. System has been installed at Borispol airport. From the first days it has proved to be very effective. In the near future Alenia is going to be installed in many cities of Ukraine, such as:

Lvov, Dniepropetrovsk and others.

As aviation training requires a working knowledge of equipment which is in a continuous process of innovation and modification. It is necessary to have a dedicated and skilful staff. The continuing changes in equipment and the rapid computerization of being held in many airports of Ukraine.

Aviation safety and efficiency depend on strict and rigorous professional training.


1 .What are the main parts of Air Traffic Services?

2. What are the objectives of Air Traffic Services?

3.What does Air Traffic Control consist of?

4.Why is it necessary to specify the requirements for co-ordination between the civil air traffic control units and military ones?

5.What can you say about the modern, advanced technologies?

6. What do aviation safety and efficiency depend on?





The Constitution of ICAO is the Convention on International Civil Aviation, drawn up by a conference in Chicago in November and December 1944, and to which each ICAO Contracting State is a party. According to the terms of the Constitution the Organization is made up of an Assembly, a Council of limited membership with various subordinate bodies and a Secretariat. The chief officers are the President of the Council and the Secretary General.


The Assembly, composed of representatives from all Contracting States, is the sovereign body of ICAO. It meets every three years, reviewing in detail the work of the Organization and setting policy for the coming years, it also sets a triennial budget.


The Council, the governing body which is elected by the Assembly for a three-year term, is composed of 36 states. The Assembly chooses the Council Member States under three headings: States of chief importance in air transport, States which make the largest contribution to the provision of facilities for air navigation, and States whose designation will ensure that all major areas of the world are represented. As the governing body, the Council gives the continuing direction of the work of ICAO. It is in the Council that Standards and Recommended Practices are adopted by and incorporated in Annexes to the Convention of International Civil Aviation. The Council is assisted by the Air Navigation Commission (technical matters), the Air Transport Committee (economic matters), the Committee of Joint Support of Air Navigation Services and the Finance Committee.

The Secretariat, headed by a Secretary General, is divided into five main divisions: the Air Navigation Bureau, the Air Transport Bureau, the Technical Cooperation Bureau, the Legal Bureau and the Bureau of Administration and Services. In order that the work of the Secretariat shall reflect a truly international approach, professional personnel are recruited on a broad geographical basis.


ICAO works in close cooperation with other members of the United Nations family such as the World Meteorological Organization, the International Telecommunication Union, the Universal Postal Union, the World Health organization. Non-governmental organizations which also participate in ICAO’s work include the International Air Transport Association (IATA), the Airports Council International, the International Federation of Airline Pilots Associations, and the International Council of Aircraft Owner and Pilot Associations.


To ensure safety, regularity and efficiency of international civil aviation operations, international standardization is essential in all matters affecting them, that is, all matters in the operation of aircraft, aircraft airworthiness, and the numerous facilities and services required in the support such as aerodromes, telecommunications, navigation aids, meteorology, air traffic services, search and rescue, aeronautical information services and aeronautical charts. A common understanding between the countries of the world on these matters is absolutely necessary.


To achieve the highest degree of uniformity world-wide whenever this will facilitate and improve safety, regularity and efficiency, the ICAO Council adopts

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