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Exercise 199.

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Open the brackets and use the Complex Subject.

A Make sentences in bold type less definite and express one's uncertainty of the following.

Example: Do you remember his name? — Unfortun­ately, I don't remember his name. — / don't seem/appear to remember his name.

1. They got married a month ago. Is she happy? — No, she is not happy.2. Doesshe have a key to her suitcase? — No, she has lost it. 3.We are so late. I am sure he has gone. — No, he is waiting for us.4. She looks nice. — Yes, but she has put on weight. 5.1want to be introduced to Mrs. Smith. — Peter will help you. He knows her well.6.1 have much trouble with my new washing machine. — No problem. I know this type very well.7. Does he work at the same office? — No, he changed his job.8. Is she still abroad? — No, she returned two months ago and now is working at her new book.9. Look, this man is overhearing us.Speak more quietly. 10. The president has left his country residence and is returning to the capital.

В Change your sentences using the verb happen with the verbs in bold type.

Example: Do you know Mr. Brown? — Do you happen to know Mr. Brown?

1. I'll visit Trafalgar Square if I am in London. 2. If anybody knows him, call the police. 3. If you see Kate, ask her to phone me. 4. Do you knowhow to get to the Tower? 5. He'll arrange everything if he goeson a tour. 6. Does he knowwith whom Mary has gone to the Canaries? 7. Have you seenthem leave? 8. Can you change a pound? 9.Has she seenwhere they parked their ear? 10. If I meetthem, I'll phone the police.

С Change your sentences using verbs turn out or prove.

Example: He knows Mr. Brown. — He turned out/ proved to know Mr. Brown.

1. The interview with the young artist was rather interesting. 2. The prices at the hotel were reasonable. 3. The conversation with them was rather unpleasant. 4. The young man was a smuggler. 5. He was a qualified economist. 6. The student's knowledge of mathematics was above the average. 7. Yesterday's party was entertaining. 8. The weather in this part of the country was rainy. 9. The workshop was rather useful for economists, but for managers it was rather dull. 10.1 bought a book which was a best-seller. 11. This unpleasant man who found faults with me during the interview was my manager.

Exercise 200.Choose the right variant.

1. The rain seems___. Call the children in. I don't want them___.

a) to be, to be got wet through

b) to be starting, to get wet through

c) to have started, to have got wet through

d) to have been started, to be getting wet through

2. The English colony, Plymouth, in Massachusetts, is known___by the Pilgrims who arrived on the Mayflower in 1620.

a) to be established

b) to have established

c) to have been establishing

d) to have been established

3. Look, they are likely___to the news. They seem

a) to be listening, to be excited

b) to listen, to be excited

c) to have been listening, to have excited

d) to have listened, to be being excited

4. He is sure___a liar. Everybody heard him___ that in so many words.

a) to be, to say

b) be, say

c) to be, say

d) be, to say

5. When I came in, the discussion seemed___to an end. They appeared___patience because they turned out___for it.

a) to have been coming, to have been losing, be ready

b) to be coming, to be losing, not to be ready

c) to come, to lose, to be ready

d) to have come, to have lost, not to be being ready

6. Jack, you seem___too fast. The speed is already 100 miles. I am afraid. I want you___the speed till 40 miles.

a) to have driven, slow down

b) to drive, to slow down

c) to be driving, to be slowing down

d) to be driving, to slow down


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