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Exercise 75

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A 1. He is not half as clever as I thought. 2. It took her three times as long as she expected. 3. She is not going to marry a man who is twice as old as she is. 4. He can lift a box three times as heavy as that one. 5. The new stadium is several times as large as the old one. 6. He does it two times as quickly as she does. 7. Petrol is several times as expensive as it was two years ago. 8. Her new flat is three times as large as her old one. 9. Grapes in autumn are several times as cheap as they are in winter. 10. He spends twice as much as we do.

В 1.1 have three times as many discs as Nick has. 2. This TV model costs twice as much as that one. 3. It took me four times as long to get there as it took her. 4.1 earn twice as much as she does. 5. This room is twice as little as that one.

Exercise 76

1. You essay is twice as long as mine. 2. This tree is twice as tall as that one. 3. Do you like the coat? — Yes, but it is three times as expensive as that one. 4. Today it's twice as cold as it was yesterday. 5. She looks twice as young as her sister. 6. All his friends are twice as old as he is. 7. Though this flat is twice as small as that one, I like it better. 8. This translation is two times as simple as that one. I am sure you will cope with it. 9. The Speedometer shows that the car is going two times as fast as it went before. 10. If you go there by train, you'll get there several times as slow as by plane.

Exercise 77

1. No sooner had she received the money than she went shopping, 2. No sooner had he opened the door than he felt the smell of gas, 3. Hardly had they come into the house when the rain started. 4. No sooner had he eaten the first coxirse than the telephone rang. 5. Hardly had she knocked at the door when he opened it, 6. Hardly had the sun risen when they started off. 7. No sooner had he read the newspaper article than he phoned her. 8. Hardly had she bought a car when she got into an accident. 9. No sooner had he looked at the title than he realized that it was the book he had wanted for such a long time. 10. Hardly had the meeting begun when the participants decided to re-elect the committee.

Exercise 78

1 о Не got so tired that hardly had he come home when he went to bed at once. 2. No sooner had we finished work than the telephone rang. 3. Hardly had she entered the room, when she felt somebody in the house. 4. No sooner had she seen a mouse than she began crying.

5. Hardly had we left home when it started raining.

6. Hardly had we greeted each other when he came up to the telephone.

Exercise 79

1) deep; 2) pretty; 3) right; 4) fast; 5) close; 6) fast; 7) high; 8) deep; 9) pretty; 10) close; 11) hard; 12) hard; 13) straight; 14) easy; 15) right; 16) easy; 17) ill; 18) high; 19) straight; 20) ill

Exercise 80

Ij, 2f, 3e, 4h, 5c, 6g, 7i, 8d, 9b, Юа

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