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Best Languages to Learn for Business

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Not all of you may be fond of learning foreign languages. However, think of the boost it will give your career, and the added value to your resume it will provide. It is necessary for you to be able to converse in more than one language for that edge over your peers. You will be able to find greater employment opportunities, will be able to communicate with a team that speaks a language other than your own, will be able to take up multiple job profiles (say translations), and you will attain many other benefits by learning a foreign language. If you accept this, it will be easier for you to pick up these languages and improve your fluency in these. Also, your capability in languages will be of higher quality if you start at as early an age as possible. Here is a list of languages, the knowledge of at least one of which, will give you an added advantage.



Being one of the most common languages in the United States of America and outside, learning to communicate in Spanish is a great choice. A lot of business communication needs to be carried out in Spanish and English, and the need to develop foreign documents in this language is also high. If you have already been acquainted with Spanish people as a child, or with some who are your neighbors, you will find that picking up this language is easy. Spanish is placed number one in the list of top languages to learn because it has been found that the pay for candidates fluent in this language is higher; a very important reason you should be learning this language.



Another language that is popular in numerous parts of the world, apart from France itself, is French and learning French is actually very simple. It is also a very common language in the U.S, which definitely means there is going to be a need for individuals who can communicate fluently in this language. If you have already learned Spanish, you may find picking up French easier. Even if not, learning French is simple as long as you pay due attention to the language.



German is known to be the easiest foreign language to master for English speakers. With the origins of certain words being similar, German is another language that you could learn to benefit from it. German companies have made a mark on the global economy, which is why the requirements for persons who can speak the language is only increasing.


Mandarin – Chinese

China is being touted as the next super power, a top reason why experts are recommending it as one of the best languages to learn as of this day and age. It is definitely a very difficult language to learn, and there are differences in the dialects based on the location in the country. However, a fair knowledge of the language is good enough to take you places at least for a start. Studies have shown that an increasing number of people are taking interest in learning the language for business communication, international relations, and translations of foreign documents.

Some more important languages that are essential for different purposes include Arabic, Russian, Tagalog (language of the Philippines), and Japanese (another important super-power in the world). Apart from better business and employment opportunities, learning a foreign language also introduces you to the culture of different countries and increases your sensitivity towards these cultures. It also contributes to your creative development because you are exposed to a different way of life, attitude and perception. It makes you a more accepting and open individual. This should convince you to learn at least one of these top languages and gain an edge over several others out there.

Point out main ideas of each paragraph and fill in the table.

Language Reasons of learning

3. Critical thinking task. Using the results of analysis in ex.2 explain the necessity of learning every particular language.

Project work

How do you go about identifying your strengths and weaknesses, and analyzing the opportunities and threats the learner of a foreign language faces? SWOT Analysis is a useful technique that helps you do this.

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