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crafty: clever in using deceitful ways to get what you want, rather than doing things openly

cunning: clever at deceiving and tricking people, in а way that is disapproved of

hypocritical: criticizing others for moral reasons while being guilty of the same things yourself

two-faced: deceiving others by pretending to like them when dealing with them but then saying bad things about them to others

scheming: making secret plans to get what you want because other people would disapprove if

they knew what you were doingwant by indirect means

calculating: clever at planning and doing things that аre to your advantage, without other people realizing what you are really doing

devious:being deceiteful and dishonest in order to


Task 4. Write a composition Describing People: Describe your Friend.

When describing people your composition needs to be well organised. The composition should have an introductory paragraph where you briefly set the scene (name, time/ place you met/saw him or her, etc.), a main body consisting of two or more paragraphs describing physical appearance, personality characteristics and hobbies/interests/everyday activities and a final paragraph which summarises your feelings about the person described. Each paragraph starts a new topic. Paragraphs should be well developed and linked together with a variety of linking words.

Points to remember.When describing physical appearance you should give details in the following order: height/build/age, facial features, hair, clothes moving from the most general adjectives to the most specific ones, e.g. Ann is a tall, thin woman. She has got a long face, blue eyes and an upturned nose. She wears her long blond hair loose. She is often casually dressed in a T-shirt and jeans. When describing character and behaviour, support your description with examples, e.g. Tom is very reserved. He never talks about his feelings. If you want to describe negative qualities it is advisable to use mild language, e.g. "He can be aggressive at times" is better than saying "He is aggressive". We can find descriptions of people in letters, articles, witness statements, novels, etc.

· Make your composition more interesting by using a wide range of adjectives (fabulous, superb, etc.) instead of a limited one (good, big, nice, etc).

· Be careful with the use of tenses. You can use present tenses when you describe someone in the present, and past tenses when you describe someone related to the past. e.g. someone you had met before you moved to this city, someone who is no longer alive, etc.

· Avoid writing simple short sentences. More complex sentences joined with connectors make your composition more eye-catching. e.g. Instead of saying: John is thin. He has large blue eyes. He has long curly hair. He has full lips. He wears his hair loose, you can say: John is a tall thin man with large blue eyes and full lips. He wears his long curly hair loose.

Note: When you describe someone for official purposes e.g. a police report, you emphasize the physical features and try to give the most accurate description possible. Read the following composition and put it in the right order. Then answer the following questions.

A.Julie is quite short and slim. She's got a round face with beautiful almond-shaped eyes and a slightly upturned nose. She often wears her shoulder-length fair hair in a pony-tail. Julie prefers comfortable clothes and can often be seen wearing a blue jumper, a pair of denim jeans and trainers.

B.Over the years, I have shared many good times with Julie. She has been one of my best and most trusted friends. 1 feel fortunate to have met her.

C.I've known Julie since my first day at school, when we were only five. 1 can remember her smiling face as the teacher, Mrs Snow, asked me to share the same desk with her.

D.One of Julie's favourite hobbies is cycling. She also enjoys reading people's horoscopes and trying to predict what will happen in the future. Julie likes going to the cinema and is especially fond of adventure films.

E.Although Julie is quite reserved, she is a kind person who will listen to your problems and try to help you. She is also quite active and enjoys outdoor activities.

a. Which paragraphs make up the main body of the composition?

b. Which paragraph sets the scene? How does it begin?

c. Which paragraph summarises the writer's feelings towards the person he describes?

d. Are Julie's personality characteristics justified?

e. Are there complex sentences? Underline the connectors.

f. The writer uses present tenses. Why does he do this?

g. Has the writer given Julie's physical and personality characteristics equal importance?


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Поможем с курсовой, контрольной, дипломной, рефератом, отчетом по практике, научно-исследовательской и любой другой работой

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