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1. Talk about your first day as a student of Kiev-Mohyla academy.

2. Compare your personal diet with a healthy one. Are they very different?

3. What are the pros and cons of staying in a hotel and at a camp site?

4. Describe the personality of your role-model (a person you want to be like).

5. What, in your opinion, is the safest kind of transport and what way of travelling is the fastest?

6. What is your understanding of the saying “One man’s meat is another man’s poison”? Do you think it refers only to food preferences?

7. Describe the personalities of an ideal friend (both a girl and a boy).

8. Compare Ukrainian cuisine with cuisine of a different country or region

(for example, the Mediterranean or Asian cuisine).

9. Describe the symptoms of a person who has the flu and a person who has food poisoning. What treatments are usually recommended in these cases?

10. Describe the appearance of a person you find very attractive.

11. Which factors do you consider when you buy a new piece of clothing? Where do you usually shop for clothes?

12. Compare pros and cons of state and private hospitals in Ukraine.

13. Talk about a day in your life when you felt really happy.

14. Describe the outfits (casual, formal, smart) which you wear to different occasions.

15. Think about a positive and a negative character either from a movie or from real life. Compare their personalities (you don’t have to name them).

16. What traits of character (both good and bad) do you normally associate with typical representatives of the following professions: a politician; a teacher; a nurse; a top executive of a multinational company?

17. Compare the advantages and disadvantages of eating out in a restaurant and having a picnic.

18. Describe in detail the accommodation you have at the moment.

19. I what way is a person’s character, mood, social status reflected in his or her clothes?

20. What are the characteristic features of Ukrainian cuisine? Give a recipe of a traditional Ukrainian dish.

21. Describe the appearance of a pop-star or of another well-known person.

22. Which outside factors and circumstances can influence your mood? In what way?

23. What attitudes towards health in different societies do you know?

24. Compare the pros and cons of fast food. Can it be part of a healthy diet?

25. What is the interrelation between people’s appearance and personality? Give examples.

26. Compare holistic and western approaches to treating diseases. Which do you prefer? Why?

27. The factors you consider when buying and renting accommodation.

28. Talk about the warmest memory of your childhood.

29. Compare advantages and disadvantages of urban and rural lifestyles.

30. If you happen to make a world round trip what will your itinerary be like?

31. What are your family values?

32. What is the connection between bad habits and health? Give examples.

33. Compare different types of accommodation.

34. What is your attitude towards adoption and surrogate parenting?

35. Talk about the effects which bad habits can have on a person’s life.

36. What types of accommodation seem the most attractive and the least convenient to you and why?

37. Compare a church wedding ceremony and a registry office wedding ceremony.

38. What do you think the saying “You are what you wear” means?

39. What are the most common problems around the house and the ways to deal with them?

40. Compare and contrast male and female roles in a society.

41. Describe the features of your own personality which you like and the ones you’d rather get rid of.

42. Provide your menu of a balanced meal and a reasonable diet for a day.

43. Tell about your family celebrations.

44. Some people say that the best cooks in the world are men. Do you agree?

45. Describe your ideal home.

46. What do you think is your parent’s role in shaping up your personality? Will you raise your children in the same way your parents brought you up?

47. Attractive and restraining factors for you when deciding what to buy?

48. Describe the location, layout, interior decoration of your current accommodation.

49. What is your idea of a healthy life style?

50. Compare advantages and disadvantages of living in a flat and a private house.

51. Give a detailed recipe of a dish you like and know how to cook.

52. Why is it important for a child to have both parents? Compare the roles which a father and a mother play in raising a child.

53. Describe the personality of your best friend.

54. Tell us about an enjoyable (or a disastrous) visit to a restaurant or a café.

55. What is a “generation gap”? Have you had a personal experience of this phenomenon?

56. Tell us about first-aid measures you would take to help a victim in emergency situations such as drowning, fainting, and heart attack, skin burns etc.

57. Describe the interior, atmosphere and cuisine of your favourite restaurant or café.

58. What is an arranged marriage and what is your attitude to it?

59. Give a detailed account of a day when you were ill.

60. Describe the park you enjoy walking in?

61. What causes a fresher’s neurosis?

62. Tell us about the most memorable travel you have ever had.

63. Describe the place you like to go shopping for food.


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