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Look at the ex. 2 on p. 60. Sasha, read the first question. Ask someone of you group-mates.

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St Paui's Cathedral- 5

The National Gallery - 1

The Apollo Cinema – 3

The Science Museum - 2

Harrods department store- 4

- Well done. Now, look at the ex 5 in you books. Complete the sentences about the places of interest with correct time, dates and prices.

Transcript 2.2 4

1 We have some beautiful paintings and drawings by famous artists like Rembrandt and Van Gogh. We're open every day from10 until 5.

2 Are you interested in science? Then come and see our exhibitions on the planets and moons of the solar system. The Exhibition starts on 1st June and finishes on 30th September.

3 Don't miss the new Julia Roberts film at the Apollo Cinema. A great evening for all the family! The film starts at three o'clock and again at half past seven.

4 The best shop in London, and probably the most famous shop in the world. Open 10 until 7 Monday to Saturday and 12 until 6 on Sundays.

5 London's most famous church is open every day. It's nearly 350 years old. Climb to the top for wonderful views over London. Adults £9. Children £3·50.


- Now, we`ll see where else we can go sightseeing. Look at the text on p.60. Look through the first passage and name the museums and galleries which are mentioned. (madam Tussauds, the British museum, the National History Museum, Tate Modern).

Madame Tussauds '/ma:d,m tu:so:dz/ was started by a French wax sculptor, Madame Marie Tussaud (1761 -1850). It contains wax figures of famous people from past and present. There are now Madame Tussauds museums in , New York, Amsterdam, las Vegas, Shanghai and Hong Kong. ~

4 The Tate Modern is situated on the River Thames : It has been extremely popular since it opened in 2000, partiy because of the building, a disused power station. It shows modern art, i.e. since 1900.

The National Gallery in Trafalgar Squa re, l ondon, contains the largest collectionsof international paintingsin Britain. with paintings dating from the 14th to the early 20th century. More modempaintings are held at Tate Britain and Tate Modern,

The British Museum in Bloomsbury, london, has one of the wort d's finest collections of art and ancient objects including the Elgin marbles and the Rosetta Stone.


What interesting buildings are mentioned in the second passage? (the Tower of London, st Paul`s, the London Eye)


" The london Eye opened in March '2000 as part of the Millennium celebration sand is the world's tallest observation "wheel, of fering passengers a 25-mile view in every direction." It is Britain's most popular paid-for attraction.

The Tower or London, built in the 11th-13th century, is best known for its use as a prison in which many people accused of crimes against the king and queen were kept. These included Mary Queen of Scots and Anne Boleyn . St Paul's Cathedral was designed by Sir Christopher Wren and completed in 1710. It has a large dome, inside which is t he Whispering Gallery, where if a person whispers close to the wall on one side of the gallery they can be heard by another person on the other side of the gallery 32 meters away. The Cathedral contains the graves of many famous 'people including lord Nelson and the Duke of Wellington.


What shop centers are mentioned in the third part of the text? (Oxford str,)

Harrods is a large, fashionable and expensive department store that claims to supply any article or service. It began in 1861 as a small shop selling food. It is now owned by Mohamed Al-Fayed, the father of Dodi Al-Faved who was killed in a car accident in Paris with Diana, Princess of Wales in 1997.


What part of London is full of theatres, cinemas, concert halls? (The west end)

What sightseeings are mentioned in the last passage?

Now, guys read the text from the beginning to the end and match the pictures with the paragraphs of the text. Let`s check.


1 E 2 A 3 0 4 B 5 C

Look at the ex. 2 on p. 60. Sasha, read the first question. Ask someone of you group-mates.


1 In Hyde Park

2 At Stamfor d Bridge

3 At Madame Tussaud s

4 At the Tate Modern

5 At Wimbledon

6 In the West End

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