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Chapter 5

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When I got home, I sat in a hot bath, and leisurely let my fingers do their magic for me. My orgasm was sweet, and I loved it, but then began to wonder why I was so loose, so at ease. I thought that I should be tense, maybe feeling a little desperate in not having Myra's luscious pussy to enjoy as I often did. Being between Myra's thighs with my face buried between her lips was like most women's day at the beach with a piña colada, or the pussy equivalent of one, if there was such a concoction. I could sip on Myra for hours when she let me, which was often, to tell the truth. That woman could take orgasm after orgasm, and still want more, or let me give her more of them. That's what I should be wanting, and a part of me did, but strangely, most of me was very satisfied with my finger action. I didn't even put any fingers in my pussy.

Whatever the reason, I felt good, and went to sleep, my mind peaceful, and a few thoughts of Cali floating in there somewhere. When she came to mind, I had to remember what she told me about herself, and to wonder at her apparent resiliency. In a way, she was pretty amazing, if I could believe what she said. I believed her, but I couldn't say why. I just did.

Then those two meddling women, Carole and Jessi, barged into my thoughts as they often did in my life. In a minute, I was smiling. They did love me as I loved them. They were worried about me, and that made me feel good. The next thing I knew, it was morning. I had slept well.

I spent the day painting a still life, something I seldom did, but it was relaxing, and felt good. I had few thoughts of anything, though I nearly called Cali to see how she was, why I didn't know. As to Jessi and Carole’s thoughts about her and me, I knew that I was Cali’s first friend, and that’s why she stuck with me, but soon she’d have other friends too. That would make her transition to our world easier for her, just as long as she didn’t get too desperate for love in a lover. Carole and Jessi were kind of rare. Well, not really, but it was tough finding a partner and love at the same time, at least if I was any measure of it.


Cali and I had lunch on Monday, but decided to bring brown bags the next time as it was too time consuming to get our lunch the first time. We did the brown bag thing all through the rest of the week. It took me by surprise that I had done that, but I had to admit that I liked it. She was easy to talk to, and very friendly, not demanding in any way, and smiled easily. And Cali always looked super in her pantsuits that she always wore. I wondered about that, but didn't say anything.

On Friday evening, we went to another club, 'Just Us,' one that I did frequent before, but one that I knew Myra wouldn't be at since it was a lesbian club too. Of course, lesbian clubs were all I usually went to. We had a good time dancing, and talking. Cali was turning out to be a marvelous friend, easy to get along with, and very congenial. Her dancing was even more markedly improved.

Later, we talked at her apartment like we had before, but this time there was no hesitancy in Cali when she moved to hug and kiss me good bye. The next evening, we were at Carole and Jessi's again. I felt like a masochist right away as they both lit in on me.

"I'm glad you're still seeing her," Carole said after we'd been there a bit, and Jessi was enjoying Cali's new dance skills.

"I'm not seeing her," I said truculently. "We just liked being here, and decided to come again. Are you trying to run us off?" I baited her.

"If I were, Jessi would kill me. If she did that, she'd have to commit suicide because I know she couldn't live without me, so no, I'm not trying to run you off," she said, grinning.

I couldn't help it. I had to grin back.

"Seriously, Mimi, she's adorable. Surely you've seen that already, especially since you two have had lunch all week together."

"Damn it, that's the last time I tell you what I'm doing, or what's going on with me," I bitched.

"Yeah, right!" Carole laughed. "God, you're adorable too, and such a lousy liar. Since when could you ever keep your mouth shut with us?" she had her fun with me.

"You two are nothing but trouble makers all of a sudden," I carped.

"Of course we are. We're just two old partnered lovers who've had their day, huh?"

That was rich, and we both broke up laughing.

"What's going on here?" Jessi came back with Cali, both of them wondering why we were laughing.

"You know how wacky Mimi gets sometimes," Carole began, beating me to the punch. "She started prattling about heaven knows what, and I got tickled."

"It sounded like you got more than tickled," Jessi observed.

"Well, she was a little worse than ever," Carole took her last free shot at me.

Me? I just stood there smiling inanely, and vowed never to let her beat me to the punch again.

Later, in Cali's apartment, she asked if Carole was telling the truth.

"No. She was poking fun at Jessi about something or other, and didn't want to admit it so as not to hurt her feelings, so she dumped it all on me and I let her," I lied, but didn't feel all that bad about it.

"It was nice of you to let her, I think," Cali offered.

"Yeah, so what is a friend for, if not to blame them when you need to, eh?" We both grinned, and I was glad to get that out of the way.

Leaving was easy as Cali hugged and kissed me readily as I did her.


Cali and I got into a routine. We spent Sundays apart, ate together without fail during the work week, but brown bagging it at the local fountain square while the weather was still good, then going out on Fridays to one club or another, then on Saturdays to dance at Carole and Jessi's house. We did that for about three weeks, and each time I saw Cali, she was in a pantsuit. They all seemed pricey, and fashionable, but always different.

The last couple of weekends, when we were at Cali's apartment, she felt the need for a shower. Cali started it not wanting to sit and be offending, she said. I took one once, then felt badly about putting my old clothes back on.

"You can bring some of them over here if you'd like," Cali said, lighting up more warning signs for me. She never did take to any of the other girls she danced with at Carole and Jessi’s, nor would she dance with any that asked her to at the clubs.

For myself, I still didn't think of Cali as anything but a friend, though Carole and Jessi, along with a couple of others now, pushed at me about being with Cali.

The next weekend, as Cali and I were talking after going to 'Just Us,' I mentioned the pantsuits. I got more on that, and understood why she wore them all the time, but more than just that.

"I can wear something else if you'd..." she stopped dead in her tracks as soon as she realized what she was about to say. "I mean, do you think I should wear something different sometimes?"

"Not if you feel comfortable in the pantsuits, as you seem to," I said, ignoring her near faux pas, and making sure she didn’t see the discomfort that she nearly caused in me.

"I do. They make me feel good," she said, though somewhat sadly. "But I can wear something else if you want..." she nearly blew it again. "Uh, if you think it would be better for me."

"Cali, do you need to talk about why you feel comfortable in the pantsuits? I don't want to intrude if you don't want me to, but you do seem to need to talk about it. Do you? If you do, you know I’ll listen."

Cali was silent for a moment, her head lowered as it always was when she was troubled.

"Maybe," she said in a subdued voice that I barely heard.

"As I said, I'll listen if it will help you out," I said. "You know I will," I gently added.

What was it about her that drew me to her as if we were magnets attracting each other senselessly? Maybe it wasn't senseless. Carole and Jessi had always been there for me, especially Carole. This is what friends were supposed to do for each other, and Cali was definitely a friend now. There was no doubt about that.

"I guess so," she said, softly.

I waited her out patiently.

"When I was a senior in high school, one of my mother's boy friends caught me alone in the kitchen on a Saturday morning. I didn't know he was up, and I had on a blouse and a kind of flared skirt. He made me feel like running away when he looked at me, but I didn't know I should. It was my house, and I guess I felt that it was okay because of that. I, I mean, I didn't know, Mimi. I didn't know," Cali nearly cried.

"It's okay, hun," I said softly, fighting the urge to hold her, and dreading what might come next.

She sat there a moment gathering herself, then gave a big whoosh of forced air when she let out the breath out that she'd been tightly holding in.

"He said something about me looking nice, and I ignored him. When I moved to get a dish for some cereal, he came up behind me and grabbed me, pinning me to the counter, and began kissing my neck. When I tried to get away, he ran his hand up my skirt, and tried to get at my vagina. It was difficult, but I squirmed away from his hand, and told him that I was going to scream if he didn't let me go. I guess he thought better of it, and let me go. I ran to my room, and stayed there until he left later that afternoon. I was so scared, Mimi. Nobody had ever done anything like that to me. God, I kept wondering, thinking what would have happened if my mother had gone for cigarettes like she sometimes did, or for something else. My brother and sister had already left the house for good."

Cali cried a bit, and I held her hand. In a minute she reached for me, and was in my arms, and sobbing her heart out.

"I-it scared me, Mimi. He really scared me, and I never wanted to wear a skirt again, I was so afraid of him."

I felt as if I could put two and two together now. That, plus the ongoing harassment from her brother and sister, and a cold mother added up to one heck of a huge case of insecurities. I wondered again how much she'd had to screw up her courage to venture forth on her own when I first met her. God, she had been ripe for disaster. Had I somehow known that? Whatever, I was glad I'd met her. Cali was a great friend, and a wonderful person, and as kind-hearted as could be. Cali had to rank right up there with Carole and Jessi.

Cali kept crying, but quietly now, her head on my shoulder near to my breast, her body at an odd angle as mine was in holding her. Soon, though, I heard the sounds of her soft breathing, and realized her head had migrated a little further down to where it was atop my breast. I didn't mind. It felt kind of good to hold her, to comfort her like this, to caress her head, my fingers fixing hair that didn't need to be fixed, or messing it up, one.

"He's gone now, Cali, and so is your brother and sister. You have some good friends that love you. Carole, Jessi, and me, and even Cindy and some of the others too that want to get to know you better. You're among friends now, and you won't be left alone. I promise you won't," I said rashly, but felt it to be true.

Cali was still quiet, then she finally began to move away from me. It seemed she was reluctant, and did so very slowly.

"Th-thank you, Mimi. Thank you," she repeated. "You've been so nice to me."

"That's what friends are for," I repeated the mantra, and braved a little laughter.

Cali permitted herself to laugh too, but quietly.

"Your front door locks automatically, right?" I asked.

"Yes," Cali whimpered.

"Come on. Let's get you in bed, and I'll make sure it's locked, okay. You can shower in the morning."

She didn't argue with me, and let me lead her to her bedroom. I waited outside the bedroom while she brushed her teeth and changed, then I tucked her in. In the soft light that was on, Cali looked sweet and angelic, and yes, very pitiful. A little girl that had to scratch to get somewhere in a world that had shown her its backside at every turn until now. I wouldn't do that to Cali, and I knew Carole and Jessi wouldn't do that either. Cali had friends now, friends who loved her, and cared about her. She had grown in our hearts, and had become a part of us.

"Sleep, Cali, and I'll see you tomorrow, right? At Carole and Jessi's?"

"Okay," she got out.

"I love you, hun. We all love you. You're a part of us now, okay?"

"Okay. Yes. Thank you," she said so softly I could hear her breath with the words.

"Good night," I said, and bent to kiss her cheek.

That was almost a mistake. I felt her arms go around me, and another whimper that she let out, and I felt myself wanting to hold her all night, and keep her safe. After we hugged for a long time, I pulled back a bit, and kissed her forehead, then her cheeks, lingering too long at each spot. Cali sighed, and I felt her hands caressing my head, feeling of my hair for the first time. Cali was so tender and gentle in her touch, and it nearly brought forth a sigh from my lips.

"Sleep, sweetie, and I'll see you tomorrow. Good night," I said, and kissed her again.

As I got up, I know I heard a deep sigh. Going out, I made sure the door wouldn't open from the outside. I got in my car, and just sat there staring at Cali's door, my mind on nothing that I could tell, my heart inside with Cali. I really felt for her, for all that she had gone through, and felt really bad for her.

Cali was too sweet a person to have been through so much coldness, she was too good a person to have come too close to disaster just after getting here. I thought of how lonely it was to know you were as alone as she was when I met her. In a moment, the freezing aloneness that had been Cali's for so long sent a deep, and violent shiver through my body. I had to get out, I had to drive, had to go home and hide from it myself, if I could, I thought, and doubted I'd be able to.

When I got home, I fixed a hot tub, and sat in it, and still felt the shiver in my body that I'd felt in the car. I didn't even play with my clitoris, just sat and soaked, and hoped the chill would soon go away. I couldn’t help thinking of how we were always together, how Cali seemed glued to me, possibly making herself dependent on me. Why? Why wouldn’t she give anyone else a chance?

It didn’t give me any warm feelings, but I knew Cindy liked Cali, but Cali would only dance with her as she did with some of the others. Had Cindy tried to talk her into a date? Maybe she wasn’t interested in Cali, but that didn’t seem true. Carole even alluded to Cindy maybe taking Cali from me as if she was mine, which she wasn’t.

When I got in bed, it was forever before I fell asleep, and it was a restless sleep at that.


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