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August 1981, University of Maine, Orono, Maine.

None So Blind

By LJ Maas

"There are none so blind, as those who would not see..."

DISCLAIMER: Any characters that are ©copyright MCA/Universal and Renaissance Pictures are definitely similar on purpose, but hey, I don't intend to profit one little bit! All original characters that appear here (Torrey, Taylor, Jessica etc.,), are ©copyright devlin@xenafan.com. This story cannot be sold or used for profit in any way. Copies may be made for private use only and I'd appreciate if you included all copyright notices and this disclaimer. If you have a fanfic site, please drop me an email before putting this on your site (I just like to keep track).

VIOLENCE WARNING:Hardly any (come on it's Uber Warrior Princess, their might be a little).

SEX: Yes, I'll have some, thank you. I mean, yes there is. It is our two favorite soulmates, after all. It's not gratuitous, but it is quite explicit when it gets going. This story shows consensual love/sex between two adult females. If the thought of two women in a loving/sexual relationship bothers you·well, as Xena said, "Bite me!"

UNDERAGE WARNING: Hey, the Supreme Court said in Reno v. American Civil Liberties Union (1997) that laws against making available, online, certain "indecent" materials for those under 18 was unconstitutional·look it up! Besides, this is perfectly "decent." J

You may not only walk on the grass; you may also feed the bard here! I only know how others feel about my stories from feedback. Let me know what you think about it. Homophobes need not apply, however. I'm at: devlin@xenafan.com


August 1981, University of Maine, Orono, Maine.

"We don't usually room freshman with seniors, but until the new Sorority house is finished, we're kind of tight on space, and well...you are a legacy. Taylor is the only sister with her own room because...well, she, aw hell, never mind. She knows you're a newbie, and she did volunteer to double up." The brown haired girl talked quickly as she helped Torrey carry her belongings through the busy halls of the Sorority house.

Samantha Evans was the preceptor for the house's third floor. She wondered if she should tell the young blonde more about her future roommate, but realized what Sam did know about Taylor Kent might scare the hell out of the small blonde. Better leave well enough alone and hope this new girl has a sharp wit and a thick skin, Samantha mused to herself.

The two women stopped every once in a while so Samantha could make an introduction. Torrey's mother told her TAU ALPHA ZETA was a huge house, even when it was started in the sixties, but the young woman knew she would never be able to remember all of these people she was meeting. She already liked the fact that hers was the last room on the floor, set far back away from the rest of the house. Perfect place to write...I like it already. Samantha told her it was the largest room in the house. The graduating seniors flipped for it every year and the two winners got the honors for their last year at Benton. Torrey still couldn't get a straight answer as to why she, an entering freshman, should get such an honor.

They finally arrived at Torrey's new room. Music could be heard from the other side of the door, Torrey was surprised at the listener's taste. Upon opening the door Torrey saw a woman seated on the floor, her long legs stretched across a dirty sheet onto which a dozen mechanical parts were spread. The seated woman didn't bother to look up, her ebony hair fell in loose bangs across her forehead, the rest of her wild mane cascaded freely along broad shoulders and back. She wore a faded Grateful Dead t-shirt tucked into a pair of Levi's that were so worn they probably felt like velvet. She had heavy black biker boots on her feet and her hands were coated in grease the same color as her boots.

Gene Pitney blared through speakers that were nearly as tall as Torrey was. The young woman couldn't believe there was another woman this side of sixty that enjoyed Gene Pitney's music as much as she did. She recognized the strains of '24 Hours From Tulsa' right before Samantha grabbed the arm of the phonograph and lifted the needle from the LP.

"Shit, Taylor! What did I tell you about bringing that crap in here? Gina is already all over my ass...do you have to give her reasons to put you on kitchen duty?" Samantha shouted.

"Oh, hell, it's just a carburetor!" the seated woman growled.

Torrey set the two suitcases on the floor and leaned over the seated woman, immediately intrigued by the motorcycle parts. Her shadow fell across the tall woman's hands.

"Get the hell out of my light!"

"Oh, I'm terribly sorry." Torrey said as she quickly backed up, looking at Samantha.

"Taylor, you said you didn't mind if Torrey roomed here this year." Samantha said with exasperation.

"I said she could room here, not get in my way." The dark-haired woman replied in an ominous tone.

"You know it looks like the manifold cover is worn...that's probably what the trouble is. When you shift gears does it sound like the motor is strangling?" Torrey asked in an offhand manner.

Samantha couldn't help the smile that spread across her face. Oh, yea...these two are gonna be just fine.

When Taylor finally looked up at the annoyance she ran smack into what she would call for years to come, the face of an angel. A young woman all of probably seventeen or eighteen, long blonde hair framing a smiling face and a pair of sparkling sea-green eyes. She wore a Chicago Bear's jersey, tight Sergio Valente jeans, and a white pair of Nike's. The young girl smiled at Taylor and the seated woman felt her mouth go dry.

"Hey," the dark-haired woman offered.

"Hey," Torrey continued to smile at the older woman.

"Okay, well...Torrey Gray this is Taylor Kent. Taylor...Torrey. I gotta run." Sam set down Torrey's typewriter case and turned to leave the room. "And, Taylor...please, I'm begging you. Find a place inside your bike for all that." The preceptor said before she closed the door.

"She's right, sorry." Taylor began grabbing the edges of the sheet. The dark-haired woman stood up, the bundle of parts at her feet.

"Whoa, how's the weather up there, Stretch?" Torrey teased. Taylor looked to be at least six feet tall.

An eyebrow arched over one eye, disappearing under dark bangs.

"I'd say that's a bold comment from someone as vertically challenged as you appear to be. Why you're just a little bit of nuthin." Taylor said, crossing her arms in front of her chest.

"I'm five four!" Torrey replied; her pride a little wounded.

"With or without a chair to stand on?" Taylor laughed.

"Okay, touché. Uhm, sorry...I was just kidding. Hey, I could help you with your bike," Torrey offered.

"No." Taylor answered, more harshly than she had intended. "It's okay, I can handle it," she added, noticing the slightly wounded look on the young woman's face. "A Bear's fan, huh?"

"Yea...they're going all the way this year!" Torrey said enthusiastically.

"Yea, right," Taylor laughed. "Bet you like the Cubs too."

"Diehard fan." Torrey replied.

"Figures. You must be from Chicago...good to meet you." Taylor put out her hand.

Torrey took the offered hand in her own, suddenly lost in the blue eyes looking down at her. Regaining her focus, the young woman felt a warm sliminess to the handshake. Before she looked down at her hand, she watched as the cerulean gaze in front of her sparkled, a wide toothy grin playing across the woman's features. When Torrey looked down, her hand was covered in black grease.

The young woman just stared at her hand for a moment.

"I can't believe you just did that," Torrey said, astounded.

"I can't believe you fell for it!" Taylor was barely able to contain her laughter.

"Oh, you!" Torrey shoved the taller woman in the stomach.

It was Taylor's turn and when she looked down at her abdomen, a small, black hand print stood out. She was absolutely amazed that the girl had the nerve to do it. Actually she was more amazed at the fact that she wasn't throttling the life out of the girl.

Taylor looked up from her shirt and saw the panicked expression on Torrey's face. The dark-haired woman held her own hand up and looked, first at her hand, then at the smaller woman's jersey, then a smile crossed her face.

"Oh, no Taylor...not my Bear's jersey. I'm sorry...it was an accident...I lost my head." All the while Torrey was backing toward the door, the taller one advancing.

Torrey stopped and tried to gauge the distance left to the door. Taylor saw where the young woman was headed. The taller woman tossed back her hair back with a shake of her head, looked at the door, then her lips pulled back in the most feral smile Torrey could have ever imagined.

"Watch it, you're going to step on the carburetor!" Torrey pointed down to Taylor's boots.

By the time the dark-haired woman looked down to move her feet; Torrey was out the door and running through the hall.

"Oh, I don't even believe I fell for that!" Taylor said aloud as she raced off after the young woman.

Torrey was fast, but Taylor's long legs ate up the distance between them in a hurry. Both women were shouting and laughing as they tore through the three levels of the old building, one large and one small handprint left at every turn.

Samantha looked up from her desk as a tiny blonde blur flew past her door, followed by Taylor's lean, muscular form.

"Oh my God, it's only been five minutes and she's already trying to kill her!" Samantha said aloud as she jumped up to intercede.

Torrey made it out the backdoor first, but soon realized she was in an enclosed backyard, most of the space taken up by a large built-in pool. The young woman circled completely around only to be confronted by Taylor, advancing slowly, her blue eyes narrowing and an evil smile tugging at the corners of her mouth.

"Got ya now, Little Bit."

Torrey backed up as she talked. Most of what she said made no sense, but she didn't want to lose her only jersey so she talked fast. Abruptly, Taylor's eyes grew wide.

"Torrey, look out!" Taylor yelled.

Torrey could feel her body shifting backward into thin air. Her arms windmilled around, but she couldn't get her weight going forward again. In the heartbeat's time this took, Taylor had crossed the distance between the two and grabbed the loose material at the front of the smaller woman's top. Torrey reached out and grabbed the dark-haired woman's arm, her backward momentum, however, carrying the both of them into the pool.

The two heads reappeared above the surface at the same time. They swam to the edge of the pool, to the shouts and laughter of half the Sorority House, who were leaning out their windows watching the show. Samantha couldn't help joining in the laughter, watching the usually stoic and reserved Taylor Kent cavorting along with her new roommate. Samantha's laughter died down in a hurry once she saw Gina Rice walk out the back door of the House. Her ever-faithful lackey, Terri Kozla, was behind her carrying two buckets filled with cleaning solvent and rags.

"Well, you must be our new legacy, Torrey Gray." Gina said, leaning down to the edge of the pool where the two women still floated. "I'm Gina Rice, President of Tau Alpha Zeta. Welcome, Miss Gray."

"Thank you, sister." Torrey tried to smile sweetly, knowing this wasn't just a social call. She made sure to use the term 'sister.' All freshmen were to address upperclass Sorority sisters as such.

"We'd like you to join us for dinner in the dining room tonight. There's just one little catch. You will be on kitchen duty!" The older woman's plastered-on smile changed into a frown. "Along with your new best friend here. Taylor will be happy to show you the ropes...she ends up there quite often." Gina stood and started to move away. Indicating to Terri to set the buckets down, she called back to the women in the pool.

"You can start with the handprints you left through the whole damn house!" Then she walked back inside.

Taylor was sorry she was the cause of the young girl's bad start, but there was something about her that she immediately liked, and that never happened to Taylor. She couldn't help laughing.

"Welcome to the University of Maine, Torrey Gray," she stuck her greasy hand out.

Taking the hand in a strong grip of her own, Torrey smiled right back at the older woman.

"Thanks a lot, Taylor Kent!" Torrey replied, sending a small splash of water in the dark-haired woman's direction.

Of course, Taylor took this as a direct challenge and soon the two, fully clothed women, were splashing, shouting, and giggling at the top of their lungs, all to more shouting and laughter from the girls in the windows above.

Just like that they became Torrey and Taylor. It seemed where one was; you would soon find the other. Before long people just began saying T'nT.

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