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4.1. Read the text.


Last night Anne and Johnnie had their first date. Johnnie wanted to do something special, so he invited Anne to have dinner at Captain Morgan’s, a new restaurant named after the famous English pirate.

“Have you been here before?” asked Anne, as they entered the restaurant. “No,” said Johnnie. “But I hear it’s very good. The seafood is supposed to be out of this world.”

“Welcome to Captain Morgan’s,” said a young woman wearing an exotic red dress. “I’m your hostess.”

“Good evening,” said Johnnie. “We’d like a table for two.”

“This way, please.” Anne and Johnnie followed the hostess to the back of the restaurant. “Here we are,” she said, motioning to a small table in the corner.

“It’s too noisy here,” said Johnnie. “l can hear plates in the kitchen.” “Can’t you give us another table?” asked Anne.

“I’m sorry. This is the only table that’s free.”

“Then we’ll wait for another one,” said Johnnie.

-“OK,” said the hostess, “but you’ll have to wait at least an hour. There are several people ahead of you with reservations.” Johnnie was very disappointed. He turned to Anne. “What do you think?” he asked.

“This table is OK,” said Anne. “We can sit here.”

The hostess smiled. “I’ll get the waiter,” she said.

Anne and Johnnie were looking at the menu when they heard a deep voice.

“Good evening,” said a big man dressed like a pirate. “I’m Blackbeard, your waiter.” “Good evening,” said Johnnie.

“Have you decided yet?” asked Blackbeard. ' .

“No, we don’t understand the menu. It’s in French.”

“Of course,” said Blackbeard. “French is the language of food.”

“What do you recommend, Mr. Blackbeard?” asked Anne.

“The specialty of the house. Poisson cru a la mode.”

“What’s that?” “Raw fish. You’ll love it.”

“OK,” said Johnnie. “Bring us two of those and a bottle of white wine.” “Very good,” said Blackbeard.

“This place is really something,” said Johnnie, looking around the restaurant. “I feel like I’m in a pirate ship. See the antique guns on the wall?” Anne didn’t say anything. Johnnie noticed that she was frowning. “What’s the matter?” he asked.

“I don’t like the way that bird is looking at me,” said Anne, pointing to a huge parrot in a cage.

“He must like you, just like I do,” said Johnnie, smiling.

“I’m not so sure,” said Anne. “He looks dangerous to me.”

“Don’t worry. He can’t do anything. He’s just a dumb bird.”

“Here’s your dinner,” said Blackbeard, setting two plates of fish on the table. “Bon appétit.” “Thank you,” said Johnnie.

“Don’t these fish look fresh?” said Anne picking up her knife and fork.

“Yes, they look alive!” said Johnnie. “My fish is moving!”

“So is mine,” said Anne. “It’s jumping on the plate.”

“Waiter!” said Johnnie. “These fish are still alive. You served us live fish! “

“Of course,” said Blackbeard calmly. “That’s poisson cru a la mode.”

“That’s ridiculous,” said Johnnie, getting up from the table.

“Where are you going?” asked Blackbeard.

“We’re leaving!” said Anne. “This place is for the birds.”


4. 2. Comprehension questions.


1. Where did Anne and Johnnie go for dinner last night?

2. Why didn’t they like the table the hostess gave them?

3. Why didn’t they understand the menu?

4. Why did Anne feel uncomfortable?

5. Why were they surprised when they saw the fish?


4. 3. Find these phrases in the text.


1. Дары моря здесь должны быть бесподобными.

2. Нам столик на двоих.

3. Вы уже выбрали?

4. Это место что-то необыкновенное.

5. Что случилось?

6. Здесь слишком шумно.

7. Вам понравится.

8. Мы уходим.


4.4. Fill in the missing words.


1. Last night Anne and Johnnie had their first _________.

2. Then we’ll wait ______________________another one.

3. There are several people ___________________of you.

4. Johnnie was very ______________________________.

5. You ________________________________us live fish!

4.5. Discussion.


Do you like eating out?

Have you ever been to a seafood restaurant?

Have you ever eaten raw fish? Meat?

Can you recommend a good restaurant? Why is it good?

What is the most important thing in a restaurant – the food, the service, or the atmosphere?


4.6. Work in pairs. Act out a dialogue:

- Johnnie and the hostess (We’d like a table for two)

- Johnnie and Blackbeard (Order)

- Johnnie and Anne (Dangerous parrot and live fish)

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