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Present tenses for future

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Present Simple Timetables The plane arrives at 10.30 tomorrow. What time does the train arrive?
Present Continuous Arrangements We are having an appointment tomorrow. What time are you meeting tonight?
Going to Intentions I’m going to call him soon. What are you going to do tonight?

Future Simple(Future reference, decisions, promises, requests, suggestions)


+ I You, we, they He, she It will travel   round the world one day.
- I You, we, They He, she, it will not there.
? Will I, you,we, they he, she, it there?


5.5. Choose the correct form for each sentence and state the meaning.

1. We (to meet) _____________________ in an hour.

2. I (to answer) _______________________ the door.

3. Their train (to depart) _______________ at 7 p.m. tonight.

4. ________ you (to marry) _____________ me? Yes!

5. He’s just asked her to marry him. They (get married) _______________________ this summer.

6. All is ready for the wedding. They (to get married) _________________________on Friday at 10 a.m.

7. I’ve decided. I (to have) ______________that one.

8. _________we (to have) _______________ a drink?

9. What time (to be) _________________OK for you?

10. Look at those clouds! It (to snow) ________________________________________.


5.6. Put the correct verb in each sentence and decide which form to use.

Be late, do, go, do, get, go, have, pay, serve, win  


1. I’m ________________ for a picnic with my family at weekend.

2. What time will you _____________________here?

3. The hotel _____________dinner from 8 to 10 a.m.

4. I’ll __________________you tomorrow, I promise.

5. She’s going to ________________________a baby.

6. We’re ________________ on a trip to Paris with some friends.

7. We’re _________a barbecue on Sunday afternoon.

8. Oh no! We’ll ___________________ for the party!

9. Sorry. I won’t _______________________it again.

10. England isn’t going to _______________ the game.



5.7. Answer the questions about your plans for the nearest future.


1. What are you doing tonight (tomorrow, at weekend)?

2. Are you getting up early tomorrow?

3. Are you going to travel this year?

4. Are you going to study another language?

5. What weather is it going to be like tomorrow? Give your predictions.

6. What our life will be like in the future?

7. What do you think you will do this year?

8. What are you definitely (not) going to do?


5.8. Answer the questions.

Have you ever been abroad?

Have you ever gone on a trip by plane, ship?

What was it like?

Have you ever had any problems at the airports or during the trip?

Where would you like to travel next?


5.9. Describe your ideal journey. State what things are most important for you.

1) shopping

2) a budget flight

3) good weather

4) cheap accommodation

5) sightseeing

6) beautiful scenery

7) activities

8) practicing English



5.10. Read these short paragraphs and choose either –ed or –ing.

1. We took the kids to Florida last year. We did all the theme parks. I didn’t want to go on the roller-coaster, because I’m terrifi (ed, ing) of height. But the kids wanted to go on the ride, so I had to …and was really thrill (ed, ing)! I loved it.



2. We went to St Martin in the Caribbean. Well, we were really tir (ed, ing) when we arrived – it was a long exhaust (ed, ing) flight. But the hotel was only a few minutes from the airport, which was great. We were pleas (ed, ing) to get in and have a hot shower so quickly. The next day we went to the beach. It was very relax (ed, ing). Then there was this tremendous noise above us – we were really shock (ed, ing).This huge jet flew right over our heads and landed at the airport. Actually, it was rather excit (ed, ing)! After that, we waited for the flights. A plane would come in, then it would take off two hours later. We’d all watch it.


3. I like short breaks. I get bored on the beach, so I prefer to go to a city. Recently, I’ve been to London, Paris and Boston. Last year I went to Vienna just before Christmas. They have these really interest (ed, ing) Christmas markets, and there’s always somewhere to go and something to see. I’m interest (ed, ing) in museums and art galleries, and it was good for shopping too. It was freezing cold, and there was snow on the ground, but the skies were blue.



Which type of holiday would you choose? Why?


5. 11. Role play. Travel agency. One of you is a travel agent. Offer a perfect trip for your client.


For Travellers:


- You want peace and quiet, somewhere relaxing.

- You want thrilling adventures.

- You want an interesting programme with a lot of history and culture.


For Travel Agents: Holiday packages.


Italian tour: For the architecture’s lover, there are a lot of masterpieces to see, from the Colosseum to the Leaning Tower of Pisa; for the pleasure seeker, it’s a glass of wine and a fine meal followed by a romantic gondola ride on the canals of Venice; and for those of you who like chic, it's shopping in Milan.


Jamaica: Sandals Montego Bay.Cool sea breeze, open-air lobby - you know that you have arrived at the perfect vacation paradise. Set along Jamaica's longest private white-sand beach, Sandals Montego Bay offers guests an exciting Caribbean experience. With eight world-class restaurants, chic pools, tropical gardens, and Bay Roc Villas, Sandals Montego Bay is the hottest resort in Jamaica.


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