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TYLTYL: Mytyl?


TYLTYL:Are you asleep?

MYTYL:Are you?

TYLTYL:No; how can I be asleep when I'm talking to you?

MYTYL:Say, is this Christmas Day?

TYLTYL:Not yet; not till tomorrow. But Father Christmas won't bring us anything this year.

MYTYL:Why not?

TYLTYL:I heard mummy say that she couldn't go to town to tell him.... But he will come next year.

MYTYL:Is next year far off?

TYLTYL:A good long while.... But he will come to the rich children tonight.


TYLTYL:Hullo!... Mummy's forgotten to put out the lamp!... I've an idea!


TYLTYL:Let's get up.

MYTYL:But we mustn't.

TYLTYL:Why, there's no one about.... Do you see the shutters?

MYTYL:Oh, how bright they are!

TYLTYL:It's the lights of the party.

MYTYL:What party?

TYLTYL:The rich children opposite. Let's open the shutters.

MYTYL:Can we?

TYLTYL:Of course; there's no one to stop us.... Do you hear the music?... Let us get up.

Смотрят в окно.

TYLTYL:I see the tree!

MYTYL:What tree?

TYLTYL:Why, the Christmas Tree!

MYTYL:What are those gold things there?

TYLTYL:Why, toys, to be sure!... Swords, guns, soldiers, cannons.

MYTYL:And what's that all round the table?

TYLTYL:Cakes and fruit and tarts.

MYTYL:I had some once when I was little.

TYLTYL:So did I; it's nicer than bread, but they don't give you enough.

MYTYL:They've got plenty over there.... Are they going to eat them?

TYLTYL:Of course; what else would they do with them?

MYTYL:Why don't they eat them at once?

TYLTYL:Because they're not hungry.

MYTYL:Not hungry?... Why not?

TYLTYL:Well, they eat whenever they want to.

MYTYL:Every day?

TYLTYL:They say so.

MYTYL:Will they eat them all?... Will they give any away?

TYLTYL:To whom?

MYTYL:To us.

TYLTYL:They don't know us.

MYTYL:Suppose we asked them.

TYLTYL:We mustn't.

MYTYL:Why not?

TYLTYL:Because it's not right.

MYTYL:Oh, how pretty they are!

TYLTYL:(rapturously) And how they're laughing and laughing!

MYTYL:And the little ones dancing!

TYLTYL:Yes, yes; let's dance too!


MYTYL:Oh, what fun!

TYLTYL:They're getting the cakes!... They're eating, they're eating, they're eating!

MYTYL:The tiny ones, too!... They've got two, three, four apiece!

TYLTYL:(drunk with delight) Oh, how lovely!... Oh, how lovely, how lovely!

MYTYL:(counting imaginary cakes) I've got twelve!

TYLTYL:And I four times twelve!... But I'll give you some.

Стук в дверь.

TYLTYL:What's that?

MYTYL:It's Daddy!

Входит Фея.

THE FAIRY:Have you the grass here that sings or the bird that is blue?

TYLTYL:We have some grass, but it can't sing.

MYTYL:Tyltyl has a bird.

TYLTYL:But I can't give it away.

THE FAIRY:Why not?

TYLTYL:Because it's mine.

THE FAIRY:That's a reason, no doubt. Where is the bird?

TYLTYL:In the cage.

THE FAIRY:I don't want it; it's not blue enough. You will have to go and find me the one I want.

TYLTYL:But I don't know where it is.

THE FAIRY:No more do I. That's why you must look for it. I can do without the grass that sings, at a pinch; but I must absolutely have the blue bird. It's for my little girl, who is very ill.

TYLTYL:What's the matter with her?

THE FAIRY:We don't quite know; she wants to be happy.


THE FAIRY:Do you know who I am?

TYLTYL:You're rather like our neighbour, Madame Berlingot.

THE FAIRY:Not a bit!... There's not the least likeness!... This isintolerable!... I am the Fairy Berylune.

TYLTYL:Oh! Very well.

THE FAIRY:You will have to start at once.

TYLTYL:Are you coming with us?

THE FAIRY:I can't, because I put on the soup this morning and it always boils over if I leave it for more than hour. (Pointing successively to the ceiling, the chimney and the window) Will you go out this way, or that way, or that way?

TYLTYL:(pointing timidly to the door) I would rather go out that way.

THE FAIRY:(growing suddenly angry again) That's quite impossible; and it's a shocking habit! (Pointing to the window) We'll go out this way.... Well?... What are you waitingfor?... Get dressed at once.

(The CHILDREN do as they are told and dress quickly)

TYLTYL:We have no shoes.

THE FAIRY:That doesn't matter. I will give you a little magic hat. Where are your father and mother?

TYLTYL:(pointing to the door on the right) They're asleep in there.

THE FAIRY:And your grandpapa and grandmamma?

TYLTYL:They're dead.

THE FAIRY:And your little brothers and sisters.... Have you any?

TYLTYL:Oh, yes; three little brothers.

MYTYL:And four little sisters.

THE FAIRY:Where are they?

TYLTYL:They are dead, too.

THE FAIRY:Would you like to see them again?

TYLTYL:Oh, yes!... At once!... Show them to us!

THE FAIRY:I haven't got them in my pocket.... But this is very lucky; you will see them when you go through the Land of Memory.... It's on the way to the Blue Bird, just on the left, past the third turning.... What were you doing when I knocked?

TYLTYL:We were playing at eating cakes?

THE FAIRY:Have you any cakes?... Where are they?

TYLTYL:In the house of the rich children.... Come and look, it's so lovely.

THE FAIRY:(at the window) But it's the others who are eating them!

TYLTYL:Yes; but we can see them eat.

THE FAIRY:Aren't you cross with them?

TYLTYL:What for?

THE FAIRY:For eating all the cakes.... I think it's very wrong of them not to give you some.

TYLTYL:Not at all; they're rich.... I say, isn't it beautiful over there?

THE FAIRY:It's no more beautiful there than here.

TYLTYL:Ugh!... It's darker here and smaller and there are no cakes.

THE FAIRY:It's exactly the same, only you can't see.

TYLTYL:Yes, I can; and I have very good eyes. I can see the time on the church clock and daddy can't.

THE FAIRY:I tell you that you can't see!... How do you see me?... Whatdo I look like?Well, answer me, will you? I want to know if you can see!...Am I pretty or ugly?Won't you answer?... Am I young or old?... Are my cheeks pinkor yellow?... Perhaps you'll say I have a hump?

TYLTYL:No, no; it's not a big one.

THE FAIRY:Oh, yes, to look at you, any one would think it enormous.... Have I a hook nose and have I lost one of my eyes?

TYLTYL:Oh, no, I don't say that.... Who put it out?

THE FAIRY:But it's not out!... You wretched, impudent boy!... It's much finer than the other; it's bigger and brighter and blue as the sky.... And my hair, do you see that?... It's fair as the corn in the fields, it's like virgin gold!

TYLTYL:Yes, I see a little.

THE FAIRY:A little!... Sheaves! Armfuls! Clusters! Waves of gold!... Iknow there are people who say that they don't see any; butyou're not one of those wicked, blind people, I should hope?Human beings are very odd!... Since the death of the fairies, they see nothing at all and they never suspect it.... Luckily, I always carry with me all that is wanted to give new light to dimmed eyes....

TYLTYL:Oh, what a dear little green hat!... What's that shining in the cockade?

THE FAIRY:That's the big diamond that makes people see.


THE FAIRY:Yes; when you've got the hat on your head, you turn the diamond a little; from right to left, for instance, like this; do you see?... Then it presses a bump which nobody knows of and which opens your eyes.

TYLTYL:Doesn't it hurt?

THE FAIRY:On the contrary, it's enchanted.... You at once see even the inside of things: the soul of bread, of wine, of pepper, for instance.

MYTYL:Can you see the soul of sugar, too?

THE FAIRY:Of course you can!... I hate unnecessary questions.... The soul of sugar is no more interesting than the soul of pepper.... There, I give you all I have to help you in your search for the Blue Bird. I know that the flying carpet or the ring which makes its wearer invisible would be more useful to you.... But I have lost the key of the cupboard in which I locked them.... Oh, I was almost forgetting? (Pointing to the diamond) When you hold it like this, do you see?... One little turn more and you behold the past.... Another little turn and you behold the future.

TYLTYL:Daddy will take it from me.

THE FAIRY:He won't see it; no one can see it as long as it's on your head.... Will you try it? Now, turn the diamond.... One turn and then.

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