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MUMMY TYL Come in!

Входит Соседка — старушка, похожая на Фею из первого действия; ходит она с палочкой.

THE NEIGHBOURGood-morning and a Merry Christmas to you all!

TYLTYL It's the Fairy Berylune!

THE NEIGHBOUR I have come to ask for a bit of fire for my Christmas stew.... Good-morning, children, how are you?

TYLTYL Fairy Berylune, I could not find the Blue Bird.

THE NEIGHBOUR What is he saying?

MUMMY TYL Don't ask me, Madame Berlingot.... They don't know what they are saying!... They have been like that since they woke up.... They must have eaten something that wasn't good.

THE NEIGHBOUR Why, Tyltyl, don't you remember Goody Berlingot, your Neighbour Berlingot?

TYLTYL Why, yes, ma'am... You are the Fairy Berylune.... You're not angry with us?

THE NEIGHBOUR Bery... what?

TYLTYL Berylune.

THE NEIGHBOURBerlingot, you mean Berlingot.

TYLTYL Berylune or Berlingot, as you please, ma'am...

DADDY TYL Pooh, pooh!... That will soon go; I will give them a smack or two.

THE NEIGHBOUR Don't; it's not worth while.... I know all about it; it's only a little fit of dreaming.... They must have slept in the moonbeams.... My little girl, who is very ill, is often like that.

MUMMY TYL By the way, how is your little girl?

THE NEIGHBOUROnly so-so.... She can't get up.... The doctor says that it's her nerves.... I know what would cure her, for all that. She was asking me for it only this morning, for her Christmas box; it's a notion she has.

MUMMY TYLYes, I know; it's Tyltyl's bird.... Well, Tyltyl, aren't you going to give it at last to that poor little thing?

TYLTYL What, mummy?

MUMMY TYL Your bird.... It's no use to you.... You don't even look at it now.... And she has been dying to have it for ever so long!

TYLTYL Hullo, that's true, my bird!... Where is he?... Oh, there's the cage!... Mytyl, do you see the cage?... It's the one which Bread carried.... Yes, yes, it's the same one, but there's only one bird in it.... Has he eaten the other, I wonder?... Hullo, why, he's blue!... But it's my turtledove!... But he's much bluer than when I went away!... Why, that's the blue bird we were looking for!... We went so far and he was here all the time!... Oh, but it's wonderful!... Mytyl, do you see the bird? What would Light say?... I will take down the cage. There, Madame Berlingot, there you are.... He's not quite blue yet, but that will come, you shall see!... Take him off quick to your little girl.

THE NEIGHBOUR Really?... Do you mean it?... Do you give it me like that, straight away and for nothing?... Lord, how happy she will be? (Kissing TYLTYL) I must give you a kiss!... I fly!... I fly! (уходит)

TYLTYL (after taking a long look around him) Daddy, mummy, what have you done to the house?... It's justas it was, but it's much prettier.

DADDY TYL How do you mean, it's prettier?

TYLTYL Why, yes, everything has been painted and made to look new, everything is clean and polished. How happy I feel here! (Going to the bread-pan and opening it) Where's Bread?... I say, the loaves are very quiet.... Andthen here's Tylo... Hullo, Tylo, Tylo!... Ah, you had a fine fight!...

MYTYL And Tylette.... He knows me, but he has stopped talking.

TYLTYL Mr. Bread.(Feeling his forehead) Hullo, the diamond's gone!... Who's taken my little greenhat?... Never mind; I don't want it any more. I am, happy, happy, happy!

MYTYL So am I, so am I!

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