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Brazil offers vast inland savannah, marshlands teeming with exotic wildlife, colonial gold-boom towns, some of the most beautiful beaches in the world and much more. Brazilians are world-famous for their warmth, generosity and open minded, relaxed natures. A vibrant musical culture has consistently been the toast of New York and London since Bossa-nova took the world by storm in the 1950s - right up until today.

So, When to Travel ?

High season is one week before Christmas until Carnaval (February or early March.) This is the most popular time to travel. The festivals during parts of this time period are unforgettable while all the towns and resorts are bursting with vacation travelers. The downside is that hotels are more expensive and availability is quite limitted. Visiting Brazil in September through November promises summer weather and a savings on high-season rates. All the other months are usually pleasant but carry a somewhat greater possibility of rain.


Some vacinations may be necessary for travelers visiting the more rustic areas of Brazil for extended periods of time. Vaccination against yellow fever and taking anti-malaria medication may be necessary if you are traveling to central-western (Mato Grosso) or northern (Amazon) regions. If you're arriving from Peru, Colombia or Bolivia, proof of yellow fever vaccination is required before you enter Brazil. Some countries, such as Australia and South Africa, will require evidence of yellow fever vaccination before allowing you enter the country if you have been in any part of Brazil within the previous week.

Crime and Personal Security

Crime is rife in all major cities with Sao Paulo, Rio and Recife topping the list in street crime and violent assault. Favelas fringe all major metropolitan centres and are best avoided by tourists. Crime is less of a problem in smaller towns and seaside resorts though you must always remain vigilant of your personal belongings and stay aware of your surroundings.

Religious: There is a strong Catholic tradition


55% White

38% Mixed

6% Black

1% Indian and other minorities


88% Roman Catholic

2% Afro-American Spiritualist

2% Spiritist

1% Atheist

Food specialties: Arroz (white rice), feijão (black beans) and farofa (cassava flour) : the Brazilian staple diet. In addition there are three other components: carne (beef), peixe (fish) and galinha (chicken).The feijoada, the national dish, is a stew of pork and black beans.

In the north there is strong Indian influence, with many fruits and tubers.

On the north-east coast, the cuisine has a more African flavour: chillis, spices and the delicious palm oil.

Music plays an important part in Brazilian identity. Styles like choro, samba and bossa nova are considered genuinely Brazilian. Caipira music is also in the roots of sertanejo, the national equivalent to country music.

A mixture of martial arts, dance, music and game, capoeira was created by African slaves brought to Brazil, mainly from Portuguese Angola. Distinguished by vivacious complicated movements and accompanying music, it can be seen and practiced in many Brazilian cities.

Most Brazilians are honest and genuinely friendly, but many are used to small acts of corruption in their everyday lives, the so-called jeitinho brasileiro. If you obviously look like a tourist, you are a potential target; for instance, a vendor may try to sell goods at higher prices, or a taxi driver may choose the longest route to the destination.

The official language of Brazil is Portuguese, spoken by the entire population (except for a few, very remotely located tribes). Indeed, Brazil has had immigrants from all parts of the world for centuries, whose descendants now speak Portuguese as their mother tongue.

English is not widely spoken except in some touristy areas. Don't expect bus or taxi drivers to understand English.


The biggest party in the world takes places across the country every year, lasting almost a week in February or early March. It is celebrated in a wide variety of ways, from the giants boneco masks of Olinda and the trios elétricos of Salvador to the massive samba parades of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. For a relatively more subdued atmosphere, check out the university-style street party of Ouro Preto or the sporty beach party at Ilha do Mel. Don't forget to make your reservations well in advance!


Almost the entire coast is lined with fabulous beaches, and the beach lifestyle is a big part of Brazilian culture. Nowhere is that more true than in Rio de Janeiro, with its laidback, flip-flop-footed lifestyle and famous beaches like Ipanema and Copacabana. Beaches in other areas of the country may not have the instant name recognition but are no less amazing. The Northeast has jewels like Jericoacoara, Praia do Futuro, Boa Vista, Porto de Galinhas, and Morro de São Paulo which bring in throngs of travellers, particularly Europeans. Landlocked mineiros go mingle with the rich and famous at Guarapari or dance forró in the sand at Itaunas, while paulistas head for Caraguá or Ubatuba. In the South, weekend revelers flock to Ilha do Mel or Balneário Camboriú, while the 42 beaches of Santa Catarina Island draw in thousands of Argentianian tourists every year. Hundreds more beaches lie ready to be explored as well.

In conclusion, Brazil is one of the coolest countries to visit rich with history, life, beauty, and diversity. Analysts have termed Brazil to be the most recent sleeping giant,because people in Brazil are friendly and the cities have a modern and traditional style of architecture. Brazil's larger cities have a mixture of both very modern skyscrapers and slums living right by each other. The cities listed in this article serve as great tourist attractions and surely will not disappoint any experienced traveler. So come and see all the wonders and hurry up to enjoy all the charms of this magnificent country!


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