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D) Put each of the following words in the correct space in the passage below.

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mark/ strict/ graduate/ prepare/ teacher training college/ behave/ lessons/ homework/ classes/

Jo is a teacher of English in a state secondary school. She's a 1) ______ of Sussex University with a degree in English Literature. When she graduated, she first worked in an office but was bad at typing and soon got bored with the job. She decided to teach, so she went to a 2) ______ . Jo teaches six different 3) ________ of children between the ages of 12 and 18. The pupils enjoy her 4) ______ , but she finds it hard work. She gives the children a lot of 5) _______to do, and every evening she has to 6) _______ it and 7) _______ for the next day. One problem is that the children in Jo's school don't 8) ________ very well. They're often impolite. Jo and the other teachers have to be very 9) _______ with them.

3.Reading. Read the text and choose the best answer (A-C) to complete the sentences (1-5).

What's on the timetable?

What should or should not be included in the National Curriculum for schools in the UK has always been a controversial issue. How much time should be dedicated to core subjects such as Maths, English and Science? Should a foreign language be started at primary school or should a foreign language be compulsory at all? Many people still question the validity of having a curriculum imposed by government in the first place and would prefer to see more control over what is given to the schools themselves. So, plans for significant changes to the curriculum over the next few years will undoubtedly provoke heated debate.

What are these plans? Well, firstly concern over the general health of

the population has caused experts to call for five hours compulsory sports lessons per week. Increased rates of obesity in the population have been put down to our more sedentary lifestyle today and it is hoped that more exercises at school will put young people on the right path and encourage good habits for when they leave school. It is also hoped to offset the amount of their free time children spend in front of computers and TVs today.

Another health issue that is affecting the curriculum is food and nutrition. Changes in eating habits have meant that more and more fast food is being eaten and cooking proper meals seems to be going out of fashion. So, a minimum of an hour a week of com­pulsory cooking lessons for all eleven- to fourteen-year-old students is going to be introduced at secondary schools to ensure that they leave school able to cook at least eight nutritious meals!

As well as improving the health of the nation, the government also wants to improve its intellect. Up to five hours a week of compulsory 'culture lessons' are set to become a part of the curriculum. This will include, amongst other things, visits to cultural centres such as museums and galleries as well as more traditional lessons.

Most schools believe that the thinking behind these ideas is sound but are inevitably wondering how they are going to manage to timetable all the compulsory changes the government wants. A week is only a week and an increase in time allocated to one sub­ject will mean less time for another. So which will go? The debate begins.

1. Many people think that

A. controversial subjects shouldn't be taught

B. these matters need further discussion

C. schools should decide what they teach themselves

2. Sports lessons should

A. distract children from their computers

B. encourage children to do more exercises

C. become a habit

3. In cookery lessons students will learn

A. the dangers of fast food

B. some fashionable recipes

C. to cook a few good meals

4. Lessons about culture will

A. take children out of schools

B. make us more intelligent

C. take place in the classroom

5. These changes may be a problem because

A. not everyone agrees about them

B. school time is limited

C. students will have to make a choice

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