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V.Verbs with prepositions commonly used with the gerund

Verbs with prepositions Examples
to accuse smb of She accused him of lying.
to admit to Brian admitted to taking the money.
to aim at They are aiming at training everyone by the end of the year.
to apologize for Go and apologize for being so rude to your aunt.
to approve of Father doesn’t approve of me leaving school this year.
to believe in I don’t believe in hitting children.
to bother about Don’t bother yourself about making tea.
to burst out Karen burst out laughing.
to care for I don’t care for gardening.
to carry on He carried on peeling the potato.
to come of That comes of eating too much!
to come round to You will eventually come around to thinking about it.
to complain of She complained of being treated in a rude way.
to confess to I must confess to knowing nothing about computers.
to consist of (in) Most of the fieldwork consisted of making tape recordings.
to congratulate smb on smth You can congratulate yourself on having done an excellent job.
to count on We can’t count on this warm weather lasting long.
to decide against We decided against going to the beach in that weather.
to despair of They had almost despaired of ever having children.
to disapprove of He strongly disapproved of changing the plans.
to dream about In her sleep she dreamt about becoming a famous singer.
to dream of I wouldn’t dream of going there without you.
to end in At first they hated each other, but they ended up getting married.
to forget about If I lose my job we can forget about buying a new car.
to forgive smb for Forgive me for interrupting, but I really don’t agree with that.
to feel up to After the accident she didn’t feel up to driving.
to get around to I hope to get around to answering your letter next week.
to get down to It’s time I got down to thinking about this essay.
to give up You ought to give up riding at your age.
to go back to She decided to go back to teaching.
to grumble about Don’t grumble about being treated in that way. You deserved it.
to hesitate about I didn’t hesitate a moment about taking the job.
to insist on They insist on playing their music late at night.
to keep on Keep on walking until you go to the crossroads.
to leave off He left off playing the piano to answer the door.
to mean by What did she mean by leaving so early?
to object to I really object to being charged for parking.
to persist in Why do you persist in blaming yourself for what happened?
to plan on We hadn’t planned on going anywhere this evening.
to prevent from Nothing would prevent him from speaking against injustice.
to put off He keeps putting off going to the dentist.
to reckon on We reckoned on having good weather.
to refrain from He has refrained from criticising the government in public.
to resolve on We had resolved on making an early start.
to return to She looked up briefly and then returned to her sewing.
to result in (from) These policies resulted in many elderly and disabled people suffering hardship.
to save from They did their best to save her from injuring herself.
to set about We need to set about finding a solution. (=to start)
to stop (smb) from There is nothing to stop you from accepting the offer.
to succeed in He succeeded in getting a place in an art school.
to take to I’ve taken to waking up very early.
to suspect smb/smth of The drug is suspected of causing over 200 deaths.
to talk of Mary is talking of looking for another job.
to thank smb for She said goodbye and thanked us for coming.
to think of (about) I couldn’t think of letting you take the blame.
to threaten with He was threatened with being dismissed.
to warn against The guidebook warns against walking alone in this area at night.
to worry about Don’t worry about getting there late.


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