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VII. Adjectives followed by a preposition + gerund

Adjective + Preposition + Gerund Example
to be absorbed in She seemed totally absorbed in reading.
to be (un) accustomed to She was a person accustomed to having eight hours’ sleep at night.
to be afraid of He was afraid of upsetting his parents.
to be amused at He was amused at seeing how seriously she took the game.
to be angry with smb for I was angry with myself for making such a stupid mistake.
to be annoyed at I was annoyed with myself for giving in so easily.
to be ashamed of You should be ashamed with yourself for telling such lies.
to be aware of They suddenly became aware of people looking at them.
to be bad at doing smth He is really bad at keeping secrets.
to be (get) bored with The children quickly got bored with staying indoors.
to be bothered with It’s not worth bothering with using an umbrella.
to be (in)capable of He is quite capable of lying to get out of the trouble.
to be careful about (in) You must be careful about handling chemicals.
to be certain of You’ll have to learn soon to make certain of getting there on time.
to be clever at She is clever at getting what she wants.
to be (un) conscious of He became acutely conscious of having failed his parents.
to be content with Not content with stealing my boy-friend, she has turned all my friends against me.
to be embarrassed at He felt embarrassed at being the centre of attention.
to be excited about The children were excited about opening their presents.
to be far from Computers, far from destroying jobs, can create employment.
to be fond of Telma is fond of telling other people what to do.
to be fortunate in I was fortunate in having a good teacher.
to be frightened of I’m frightened of walking home alone.
to be furious at She was absolutely furious at being deceived.
to be given to He is given to going for long walks.
to be good (better) at Nick has always been good at finding cheap flights.
to be interested in Are you interested in joining our club?
to be irritated at She was irritated at his smiling at her like that.
to be keen on She is not keen on being told what to do.
to be proud of smb for He was proud of himself for not giving up.
to be pleased at He was pleased at seeing her.
to be responsible for He is responsible for informing everyone about the meeting.
to be scared at (of) He is scared of going out alone.
to be serious about He is serious about wanting to sell the house.
to be sick of I’m sick of doing this work.
to be skilled in (at) She is highly skilled at dealing with difficult customers.
to be slow in His poetry was slow in achieving recognition.
to be sorry for He is really sorry for taking the car without asking.
to be successful at (in) I wasn’t very successful at keeping the news secret.
to be sure of England must win this game to be sure of qualifying for the World Cup.
to be surprised at I am surprised at you behaving like that in front of the kids.
to be thankful for I am thankful to you for inviting me.
to be tired of She was tired of hearing about their trip to India.
to be (get) upset at smth The father got upset at receiving the bad news.
to be (un)used to I’m not used to eating so much at lunchtime.
to be worried about He was worried about their not coming on time.
to be wrong in You are wrong in counting on me.


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