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The care of cancer patients.

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І. Актуальність теми: Вивчення теми «Care of cancer patients» займає одне з важливих місць серед інших тем навчальної програми. Вивчаючи цю тему, студенти поширюють свої знання про англійську мову, про сфери її вживання, вдосконалюють свої знання з термінології.

II. Навчальні цілі:

Знати: лексику по темі

Вміти:вірно вимовляти лексичні одиниці; вживати їх в мовленні.

III. Матеріали для підготовчої роботи:

3.1. Базові знання, вміння, навички, необхідні для самостійного вивчення теми. Матеріали позаудиторної самостійної роботи.

Дисципліни Знати Вміти
Українська мова   лексику до теми   перекласти з англійської мови на українську Спілкуватися в межах даної тематики з опрою на зразок

3.2. Зміст теми:

The care of cancer patients.

The care of cancer patients has its own specifics. In each case, you need to carefully conceal from the patient the true diagnosis, that is, to spare his psyche. The terms "cancer", "sarcoma" should be replaced by the words "the plague", "contraction", "seal", etc. Should be avoided and the Latin terms "cancer", "C-g", "blastoma", "neoplasma, many patients understand the terminology. Even when the deterioration of the patient the nurse should maintain the hope for a speedy recovery. Most cancer patients are vulnerable psyche, very irritable, so from the very beginning the treatment of patients with advanced tumors should be separated from other patients.

To ensure peace they are placed in single or double chamber. The chamber should be comfortable, clean. The nurse should ensure that the patient bed was comfortable, functional better to check, soft mattress, pillow. The bed should be so that it can be easily approached from both sides. If the patient is at home, the nurse should ask the family to bring the room of the patient unnecessary things, to choose a comfortable bed. The nurse should ensure that the necessary care items (drinking bowl, bottle, vessel, urine and other) were on hand were clean and ready to use. On a separate table in the house she sets needed food, medicines, utensils. The nurse monitors the observance of personal hygiene of the patient, if necessary, wiping his teeth, washes his mouth, tempted, perestelo bed.

Food in cancer patients should be high-calorie, contain sufficient amounts of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, and fiber. To follow any special diets is not necessary.

Preoperative preparation in cancer patients conducted by the General rules. However, it is different and depends on the amount of subsequent surgery, tumor location, stage distribution, the nature of the affected organs and tissues, age and condition of the patient. Preoperative preparation should be intense and short. The surgery is performed only after the necessary normalization of the functions of internal organs, stabilization of clinical and biochemical parameters of blood and improve the General condition of the patient. In cases where you could not perform radical surgery or she ended with the imposition of a colostomy .or salmostoma, patients should not tell the truth about its result. They need to calm down and say that this is a temporary state, and after improving it, after some time, the fistula can be easily eliminated.

The main goal of treatment of the patient in the postoperative period is the carrying out of measures for the correction of existing violations caused by the operating injury, and prevention of postoperative complications Depending on the severity of the surgery, patients are placed in intensive care or recovery room where they are within the first 2-3 days, after which they are transferred to General wards. The care of cancer patients after radical surgery is not different from patients with other surgical pathology. Patients after palliative treatment methods and inoperable patients after discharge from hospital need in-home care, He should be nursing sisters and relatives. Patients must create optimal conditions for their recovery and future life.

When caring for inoperable patients raises the question of the appointment of painkillers. When pain should not use drugs that weaken the patient and addictive First you need to give patients analgesics - amidopyrine, aspirin, phenylbutazone, paracetamol and other And only if no effect from these drugs need to apply drugs: omnopon, morphine, fentanyl, codeine, etc for insomnia prescribed sleeping pills. It should be noted that cancer patients may experience a variety of disorders of function of various organs and complications that nurse should recognize and assist in the apartment or in the hospital before arrival of the doctor.

Health-care workers caring for patients with cancer should know that they often suffer severe physical suffering, but perhaps the most frightening is the realization of imminent death, and psychological vacuum, where they are often due to illness. In a civilized society for the care of cancer patients created a special charitable institutions - the so-called hospices. Here the patient provide a separate room, prescribe necessary treatment, provide individual care and create a favorable psychological climate.

3.3. Рекомендована література:

Основна: Козырева Л. Г. «Английский язык для медицинских колледжей и училищ: учебное пособие / Л. Г Козырева, Т. В. Шад­ская. — Изд. 7-е. — Ростов н/Д : Феникс, 2007.

Допоміжна: С.А.Тылкина «Пособие по английскому языку » М:1985 ст.57

3.4. Орієтновна карта для самостійної роботи з літературою з даної теми:

№п/п Основні завдання Вказівки Відповіді
  - засвоїти лексику; перекласти текст; - дати відповіді на запитання; - виконати завдання.    

3.5. Матеріали для самоконтролю - питання:

1. How to replace the terms "cancer", "sarcoma"? Why should this be done?

2. What should be the wards for the patients?

3. What does the nurse help to the patient?

4. What should be the nutrition in cancer patients?

5. What is the main goal of treatment of the patient in the postoperative period?

6. What is hospice?


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