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Task 3. Make up word combinations.

1) sullen voice 21) tenement patience
1) to slam eyes 22)to chatter a filthy word
2) Shrill , rasping interjections 23)to lose room
3) To scowl any attempts at friendliness 24)to fling one’s heads off
4) to shrug fiercely 25)mischievous light
5) precocious a door 26)breathless spell
6) deep-set one’s shoulders 27)poky heat
7) to cut short beard 28)mellow house
8) suspicious oppression 29)mend eyes
9) sudden together 30)Bold a skirt
10) huddle glance 31) to stroke phrase
11) bid figure 32)frilled hat
12) to talk colour 33)hackneyed shirt
13) wrought-iron gate 34)broad-brimmed trousers
14) high in whispers 35)overtures of friendship
15) gaunt good evening 36)skin-tight one’s face
16) to answer with mischief 37)to shrug steps
17) pour gruffly 38)poky gesture
18) ceaseless chattering 39)graceful one’s shoulders
19) To be filled one’s rapture 40)intricate room

Task 4.Translate the sentences:

1) They squabbled and made it up; they chattered their heads off; they helped one another when help was needed; for the Andalusians are good-natured people, and on the whole they got on well enough together.

2) But La Cachirra seemed indisposed to give trouble. She went her way, unbending,

never addressing so much as a word to anyone, and brusquely cut short every attempt at

friendliness. She felt that the neighbours had discovered her secret, the homicide and the

long years of imprisonment; and the lines in her face grew sterner, the expression of her deep-set eyes more inhuman.

3) Rosalia, shivering, crossed herself. At that moment La Cachirra came in from her

day's work and a sudden oppression fell upon the talkers. They made a movement as if to

huddle together and looked nervously at the wild-eyed woman. She seemed to see

something ominous in their silence and gave them a rapid, suspicious glance. The policeman, to make conversation, bade her good evening.

4) The youth gave her a smile. She was a pretty girl, with a high colour and fine bold eyes. A red carnation threw up the glossy blackness of her hair.

5) It was a terrible love that La Cachirra had for her son. He was all she had in the

world and she adored him with a fiery, jealous passion that demanded in return impossible devotion. She wished to be all in all to him. On account of his work they could not live

together and it tortured her to imagine what he did when he was away from her. She could not bear him to look at a woman and she writhed at the bare idea that he might pay court to some girl.

6) Rosalia looked at the closed door, laughing again, and her shining eyes were filled

with mischief. It occurred to her that it would be very amusing to have a word with Currito. Rosalia's white teeth gleamed at the thought of La Cachirra's anger.

7) He went off rather sheepishly, and Rosalia laughed to herself. She was in the

courtyard once more when he passed through with La Cachirra on his way out; and this

time, shamed into courage, he stopped and said good night. La Cachirra turned red with anger.

8) A few days later was the feast of San Isidoro, the patron saint of Seville, and to

celebrate the holiday the mason and one or two others had put a string of Chinese lanterns

in the patio. They glowed warmly in the clear summer night. The sky was soft . against the

shining stars.

9) The dancing had made her light-headed and she felt no fear of La Cachirra. When

the measure ended and her partner sank into a chair, Rosalia marched up to Currito and stood in front of him, upright, with her head thrown back and her breast heaving with the rapid motion.

10) He stepped into the ring. The guitarists strummed away and the onlookers

rhythmically clapped their hands, punctuating the time with an occasional cry of Olé. A girl

gave Currito a pair of castanets and the pair began to dance. They heard a little hiss, as of

a serpent in the darkness, and Rosalia, quite reckless now, looked with a laugh at the face,

ghastly white, that gleamed from the shadows. La Cachirra did not move. She watched the

movements of the dance, the swaying of the bodies, the intricate steps; she saw Rosalia

lean back with a graceful gesture and smile in Currito's face as he wound about her,

clapping his castanets. Her eyes glowed like coals of fire and she felt them burning in the sockets; but no one noticed her, and- she gave a groan of rage.

11) Then everything grew confused to La Cachirra; the blood leaped to her head and

choked her eyes. She sprang at Rosalia and tore her hair. The girl gave a shrill cry and

sought to defend herself, but immediately a passer-by wrenched them apart.

12) La Cachirra started violently. She shot a puzzled look at him and then she

understood. She gasped with pain and wrath; she clutched at her heart as though the agony were too intense to bear.

13) Rosalia hissed the words venomously, laughing with a shrill voice when she saw the

wretched woman shrink as though struck by palpable blows.



Task 5. Fill in the spaces with the missing words :

fiercely bony wrinkled coarse deep-set sockets ferocity kept sunken claws wisp heavy clumsy haggard



La Cachirra was forty, _______ and very thin, with _______ hands and fingers like a vulture's _______. Her cheeks were ______ and her skin _______ and yellow. When she opened her mouth, with its pale, _______ lips, she showed teeth that were pointed like those of a beast of prey. Her hair was black and _______; she wore it in a ______ knot, which seemed on the point of falling over her shoulders, and in front of each ear fell a straight ______. Her eyes, ______ in their _______, large and black, shone ______. Her face bore an expression of such ________ that no one dared come near to speak with her. She _______ entirely to herself.


Lean broad-brimmed precocious dandy temples skin-tight perfection frilled even


Currito had a _____ face and white, ______ teeth; his hair was cut very close, shaved on the ______, and set on the scalp with a truly Andalusian _______. The shadow of his ________ beard showed blue beneath his brown skin. And of course he was a ________. He had the national love of fine clothes, and his trousers were _______; his short jacket and his _______ shirt were as new as new could be. He wore a ___________ hat.


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