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Ответьте на вопросы

  1. What_______ (to be) the cousin’s name?
  2. Where_______ (to be) David?
  3. How old_______ (to be) the boy?
  4. What game_______ David (to like) to play?
  5. What_______ he (not to want) to do?
  6. Where_______ they (to go) every Sunday?
  7. What they _______ (to do) in the park?
  8. Where_________ David and his cousin_______ (to go) yesterday?
  9. What _______ they________ (to do) at the school sports-ground?
  10. What _______ David_________ (to do) now?
  11. What_______ David’s cousin __________ (to do) now?


Задание 14. откройте скобки, поставьте глаголы Present Indefinite, the Present Continuous or the Past Indefinite. Ответьте на вопросы

My Mother.

Her name _______ (to be) Molly. She_______ (to be) thirty-five. My mother _______ (to be) a businesswoman. Molly _______ (to be) a very busy woman. She_______ (to go) to work five times a week. My mother and I _______ (to like) to go to the country. There I usually _______ (to dig) in the garden and Molly _______ (to water) the flowers. Yesterday it_______ (to be) Saturday and my mother _______ (no to go) to work. We _______ (to go) for a walk in the park. There we_______ (to play) table-tennis. Now I _______ (to write) a letter to my friend and my mother _______ (to wash) up.

  1. What_______ (to be) the mother’s name?
  2. How old _______ (to be) Molly?
  3. What _______ (to be) her job?
  4. How many times a week__________ Molly_______ (to go) to work?
  5. Where________ they _______ (to like) to go?
  6. What_________ they _______ (to like) to do in the country?
  7. What_________ mother_______ (to do) yesterday?
  8. What________ she _______ (to do) in the park yesterday?
  9. What_______ they __________ (to do) now?

Задание 15. откройте скобки, поставьте глаголы Present Indefinite, the Present Continuous or the Past Indefinite.

  1. Why__________ they _________ (not to get) married five years ago?
  2. I___________________ (to look) through a very interesting magazine now.
  3. We usually_________ (not to lock) the windows.
  4. You_________ (to look) for your textbook tomorrow.
  5. Why_____________ he_________ (not to help) her with biology last week?
  6. My friend_________ (to go) in for swimming next month.
  7. Why______________ Sam_________ (not to do) his homework every day?
  8. This woman _________ (to keep) to a diet now.
  9. How much money_________ he______________ (to spend) yesterday evening?


Задание 16 Раскройте скобки, употребляя глаголы в Present Indefinite, Present Continuous, Past Indefinite или Future Indefinite.


1. Look! Nick _________________ (to read) a book.

2. He usually _________________ (to read) books at home.

3. Yesterday he_________________ (to read) a book at school.
4.1 think tomorrow he_________________ (not to read).


1. Kate and Ann usually _________________ (to go) for a walk together.

2. Yesterday Ann _________________ (to go) for a walk with Mary.

3. Look! They _________________ (to go) to us.

4. They _________________ (to invite) us to play with them, 1 think.


1.I_________________ (to be) a pupil now.

2. Last year I_________________ (to be) a pupil too.

3. Next year I_________________ (to be) a pupil of the 4th form.


1.I usually _________________ (to get up) at 7 o'clock.
2.I_________________ (to get up) at 6 o'clock yesterday.
3. Tomorrow I_________________ (to get up) early too.
4.I_________________ (to do) my homework now.


1 My mother_________________ (to cook) dinner every day.
2. She _________________ (to cook) a tasty cake last Sunday.

3. She_________________ (to cook) fish now.

4. She says she _________________ (to cook) chops tomorrow.


1. My little brother_________________ (to sleep) now.

2. He usually _________________ (to go) to bed at seven.

3. But yesterday he_________________ (to go) to bed very late.

4. Next month he_________________ (not to go) to school and he hopes
he_________________ (to get up) at 10 every day.


1. My sister_________________ (to buy) a nice dog last month.
2.1 hope she _________________ (to come) to us with her dog tomorrow.

3. We usually _________________ (to play) with her dog when she comes.

4. My mother and I_________________ (to read) a book about dogs at

the moment.



1. My friend _________________ (to teach) his brother to play chess every

2.1 think he _________________ (to teach) me to play this game too.
3. Last week my father _________________ (to bring) me chess.
4.1 _________________ (to look) at it now.


1. The children usually _________________ (to have) a break after lessons.

2. They _________________ (to run) in the yard now.

3. They _________________ (to run and play) during the break yester day.

4.1 think I_________________ (to play) with them tomorrow.



1.I _________________ (can) read well now.

2. At two. I _________________ (can not) read at all.

3.I _________________ (to be) a little boy two years ago.

4.I _________________ (to read) my father's book now.

5.I think tomorrow I_________________ (to start) reading a new one.


1. My friends usually _________________ (lo skate) in winter.

2. Last winter they _________________ (not to skate).

3. They _________________ (not to have) the skates.

4. They hope they_________________ (to buy) new skates next year.


1. My sister _________________ (to watch TV) every evening.

2. She _________________ (to watch TV) now.

3.I usually _________________ (to watch TV) with her.
4. Yesterday we _________________ (not to watch TV).
5.I Think tomorrow we_________________ (to watch TV) together.


1. Look! The boys _________________ (run) a race.

2. They_________________ (wear) shorts and T-shirts.1

3. They usually _________________ (wear) these clothes when they run a race.

4. But yesterday it was cold and they_________________ (wear) jeans and coats.

5. The weather will be nice and they _________________ (wear) light clothes tomorrow.



Тексты для чтения прочитайте, переведите, выполните задания после текста

Текст 1


My name is James. I’m fourteen, and I moved to this town with my family three months ago. My parents lived here when they were young, but my brother and I didn’t know anyone here except a few aunts and uncles we’d met when we’d spent a couple of weeks with my grandparents during school holidays. When I started school, one of my cousins Sophie, who was in my class, was very friendly for the first week, and I was happy to have a friend in strange place. Then, for no reason, she stopped talking to me and I felt very hurt and lonely for several weeks.
In the end, I made some more friends and once I got to know them, I’ve been fine. Now Sophie is having a disco party for her birthday next week and she has invited me. I don’t want to go. My brother says he heard someone say, she only asked me because her parents said she had to. But my mum and dad say it would be rude not to accept. Some of my new friends are invited, too. How can I show Sophie that she can’t behave so badly towards me without causing a family quarrel?

I. Верно (true) или неверно (false)?

1. James knew nobody in the town six month ago.________

2. He has more than one cousin. ________

3. Sophie stopped talking to James. ________

4. James’s parents want him to go to the party. ________

5. James doesn’t want to go because it might cause a family quarrel. ________

II. В каждом задании (1-5) обведи букву (a,b,c или d), соответствующую выбранному тобой варианту ответа. Занеси ответы в таблицу.

1. What is the writer trying to do in the next?

a) explain a problem

b) describe a family

c) offer advice

d) refuse the invitation

2. Whom did James know in the town six mounts ago?

a) no one

b) a few relatives

c) only his grandparents

d) Sophie’s friends

3. At the beginning of the term, Sophie’s behavior made the writer feel…

a) embarrassed.

b) unhappy.

c) grateful.

d) surprised.

4. James doesn’t want to go Sophie’s party because he…

a) feels hurt.

b) doesn’t know where to go.

c) he doesn’t like disco parties.

d) his brother isn’t invited.

5. James wants Sophie to realize…

a) that he still hasn’t forgiven her.

b) that his friends think she behaved rudely.

c) that his parents dislike her.

d) that she has fewer friends.


Текст 2


Like most people I am. fond of travelling. I like to travel by plane, by train and by car. I don't like to travel by sea, because in stormy weather I feel sea-sick. When I
am in a hurry, I usually travel by air. It saves a lot of time. But best of all I like to travel by train. Last summer I went to the sea-side for my holiday. I had booked a ticket beforehand and on the day of my departure I phoned for a taxi and went to the station. I
didn't have much luggage with me: only one suit-case. My journey (trip) lasted about 7 hours. I looked through the window and talked with my fellow-travelers. When I
reached my destination, I went to the boarding house where I had booked accommodation. The house was not far from the beach. The weather was fine. The meals were quite
good, and the company was gay. I had a very good time.

Текст 3

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